What is the dossier number

dossier number

dossier number (Swedish) [edit]

Noun, n[To edit]

Minor forms:

doss number

Word separation:

dossier number, plural: dossier number


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Audio samples: -, plural: -


[1] Code that enables an assignment, especially the case number of an asylum application at the Swedish Migration Agency; Case number, file number


Determinative compound, made up of dossier→ sv (Dossier) and number→ sv (Number)

Sense releated words:

[1] beteckningsnummer, LMA number, ärendennummer


[1] LMA-kortet är försett med personuppgifter and photo på den sökande. På kortet framgår också personens dossiernummer (ärendenummer) hos Migrationsverket.[1]
The LMA card is provided with personal data and a photo of the applicant. That goes out of the card too Case number (Business transaction number) that the person has at the migration plant.
[1] Varje dossier har ett unikt dossier number. Samma dossier number följer utlänningen tills han eller hon possibly blir svensk medborgare.[2]
Each file has a unique one File number. This always the same Case number accompanies the foreigner until he or she eventually becomes a Swedish citizen.

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] angedittdossier number

Translations [edit]

[1] Swedish Migration Works, vanliga begrepp
[1] Riksförbundet frivilliga samhällsarbetare