Seriously, brother, how hot she is

"Are you serious about making small talk?"

Grace P.O.V.

I threatened to drown once and for all, to drown in my painful memories that haunted and tormented me again.

Why was I just so naive and trust someone I hardly knew again? Have I done something so bad that I should never be happy?

Bathed in sweat, I startled, I have to get out of here!

I got up, threw aside my covers, and put on long clothes.

The cool night air blew towards me from behind the front door. I breathed in and out deeply, which my lungs really liked.

The memories of yesterday came back and again a warm liquid flowed down my cheeks.

“Miss, you have to go back in. A girl shouldn't be out alone at this hour, ”came that rough voice again. "I can't sleep, so I'm going for a walk." He sighed in annoyance. "Good, but I'll come with you." "No!" I looked horrified into the darkness. 'Did I ask if I would come with you? I don't think so. "" You're pretty naughty for a bodyguard. "And they're pretty cheeky, for a Hastings." "You're right."

I took the first steps towards the gate and stopped abruptly because a man in a suit stood up in front of me.

"Get out of my way." Despite the darkness, I saw that he raised an eyebrow in boredom. "What if not?" His gaze became challenging. "If Leyla finds out about this, they'll be fired!" I hissed, annoyed. "So am I if I let her run through the streets alone."

I pushed past him and hurried off, but the guy followed me.

I stopped around the next corner to gasp for air. Mister Idiot, however, didn't even move to hyperventilate.

"What's their name anyway, if they're dodging after me!" "Jason." "You already know my name. How old are you? ”“ Are you serious about small talk? ”“ No, that wasn't my plan, ”with a sarcastic undertone, of course. "24." "Then you are still quite young for your job!" Seriously? I didn't even know that! You're telling me something completely new! "" Yes, I understand! Can we make you two please? ”He nodded slightly. "And how old are you?" He asked me. “Soon 19th” “Why are you here anyway?” “Long story.” “It's pitch black, maybe it's two o'clock in the morning and you don't want to tell me your long story? At least we have a lot of time. ”“ Okaaaaay. ”I just sat on the curb, took a deep breath, and told him all about my ordeal from the start.

The whole time he sat quietly.

“Just that I understand correctly, you have a guardian angel who is also the devil and you two have nothing better to do than argue and insult each other all the time? On top of that, were you together and split up because you distrust each other? ”I nodded slowly. "Straight people ..." he said simply, rolling his eyes. "Wait, please?"

"Yes, buhu, a gay bodyguard, something new, right?" I looked at him with wide eyes. "I think that's good!" "Actually, I wanted to be a stripper, but well ..." My eyes widened even more.

"Oh God, you don't seriously believe that now, do you?" "Um ... Yes, you sounded so serious ..." Jason laughed at me. "I hate you," I hissed mock angry. "Do that, I don't care," he continued laughing.

I punched him in the left shoulder. “You haven't told me your last name yet. I stated, just to change the subject. "O'Neil." "Sounds British ..." I thought, and Lucifer immediately flashed in my mind.

No, youcryingnowNot, No!

Too late, my vision was blurred again from all the salt water.

"Why don't you think I'm crazy?" I whimpered. This question has been buzzing in my head recently. “What was the reason for that?” “Well, I'll just tell you that heaven and hell exist ...” “Let's put it this way, I have a good knowledge of people and you don't look that much psychotic to me. He mumbled.

My arms closed around Jason automatically. He was shocked at first, but then also put his arms around me.

"We should go back," he whispered in my ear. "Yes, we should."

Jason helped me up and we ran back.

Great walk, really great!

"I can't sleep any more, shall we watch a movie?" "I uh, I don't care, sure." "Which one?" I asked as I held up the top five.

"I like Katherine Heigl." "Aww, we're going to be good friends, O'Neil," I smirked. Probably for the first time today. "I guess it's 'Kiss & Kill' then." "Oh yeah, Ashton Kutcher is hot." Now I really laughed. "There are hotter actors, but he was good at Two and a Half Man."

Jason nodded vigorously.

He's worse than a girl and yet he works so strong with his muscles, which were well hidden under his suit.

"Um, I'm flattered that you look at me like that, but you're the wrong gender," he joked. Oops, had I been staring for so long?

"Say, are you taken?" He almost fell to the floor in shock. "N-N-No." he stuttered. "Hm, I know someone ..." "No couch potato like you, please!" "I'm not a couch potato!" "Oh, what was that outside? You couldn't do it after five minutes. ”“ Be careful what you say, otherwise my SURFER will have to continue to have breakfast alone ... ”“ S-S-Surfer? ”“ Y-J-Yes. ”I imitated him.

His eyes lit up happily.

“Don't drool! Sit down. ”Jason made an offended grimace.

"Now you better take a look at Ashton."


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