Who designed Minar-E-Pakistan drawing for children


Malala fights for education

Malala comes from the Swat valley in northwest Pakistan. If you look at the map, you can see that Afghanistan is not far from it. Malala is no ordinary Pakistani girl because her parents made sure that she could go to school and study at an early age. Her father was the headmaster of a school and for him there was no question that girls should go to school just like boys. Malala learned quickly and at a very early age campaigned for other girls to go to school as well.

She reported about her life in a well-known internet blog that many people abroad could read. Here, however, she did not write under her real name, but under a pseudonym, i.e. an alias. But she became known as a blogger by her real name and therefore lived dangerously. Because in Pakistan and especially in the region where Malala lived, the Taliban have great influence. And they don't want girls to go to school and learn something. Women should have no influence at all and should subordinate themselves to men. And Malala didn't fit into this picture at all.