What color is Dexron II atf

What color is ATF oil?

Hello everybody !

The automatic of my Vectra spins when cold. If the 1st turns too far, even after a long period of inactivity it switches to the emergency program. If the engine is warm, everything is OK. (also available in the Opel engine forum).

Have now let new ATF drip onto a white sheet - reddish color and translucent in the backlight.

The oil from the gearbox - yellowish sheen and not translucent.

Did the FOH fill in the wrong oil in April 2005?

I only know red ATF oil.

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may be that Opel is now using other ATF oil there ... :(

I myself only know red ATF oil, that's how it is in my Vectra, it could be that it is because ...

Just go to the Foh and ask ...;)



I've got a fresh can of ATF from GM ... I've got it today for a well-known at Opel .... ATF Genuie GM is written on it ... is light cherry red in a friendly silver-gray canister :-) labeled with Dexron II on the back

ATF fluid is available in different colors, red is very common, but there are also e.g. brown or yellow-brown fluids ...

However, the color is not important, if the fluid "burns" due to high stress it turns black and sometimes it starts to "stink" like sorry, "cat piss"!

Your fluid is most likely OK !, although e.g. my FOH also builds a lot of measurements!

Trust is bad, control is better!

Regards raspelbrater

So the Dexaron II from Shell is blue as far as I can remember. ZF likes that. Whereby Voith is brown, but I have no idea what it is called. At least that's the case with the bus.

Kind regards



[sometimes it starts to "stink" like sorry, "cat piss"!

Regards raspelbrater

I only know that it smells like eaten before and left for 2 days * bähhhhhhhhh *

so the ATF should be red.

Opel also only has red.

And as far as I can remember, anything in a different color is not intended for use in automatic transmissions.

one should distinguish there.

DEXRON 2 and DEXRON 3 for automatic transmissions should always be red.

other ATF that do not belong to the DEXRON2 or DEXRON3 specification have no place in the automatic transmission.

there is also ATF for power steering and ATF for hydraulic units such as spreader scissors or lifting platforms.

So ONLY fill in DEXRON2 or DEXRON3.

DEXRON3 is of course more recommendable although DEXRON2 is still approved for the A Vecci gearbox.

Had once bought AT oil from Liqui-Moly. It was actually light and transparent. When I brought it back, I wasn't entirely at ease.

However, an FOH should use the "Opel Original Red Oil". After all, Opel (GM) invented the Dexron classification.

But I assume that the FOH has already used Dexron, no matter what color. The AT would have gone up within a few 100 km, e.g. with manual transmission oil.



nene go up not so fast lubrication is available.

but these mistakes could well be of the wrong kind.

the DEXRON2 and DEXRON3 are definitely red.

and ONLY THESE are allowed in the automatic transmission.

The GM Genuie product range includes 17 different ATFs.

Only 2 of them are approved for automatic transmissions.


Newer only 3.

the other ATF can be found in rear axle differentials, manual transmissions, power steering,

Transfer cases and other stuff use

I personally would have someone show me a bottle of the stuff they dumped in. The best thing to do is give me the Opel part number of it. I'll tell you if it was the right one.

If it was at Opel, it should only be the red DEXRON2, they only get the GM Genuie.


just for information ...

"Liquy Moly" has an "ATF Dexron 2" oil in its program, which is intended for use in automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, power steering and transfer cases, this has the GM specification ZF-TE-ML 09 (GM 6137M). . :)

In the Opel catalog that would be 1940699 or 90350341 ...

I've been in it for about 10KM and no problems, that oil has a "reddish" color ...

So there are also mineral high-performance ATF oils that allow a combination ...;)


there is. you're right

the oils from automatic transmissions can also be used in power steering and manual transmissions, only the other way around there are problems.

how should i explain it?

well as if you have to fill up super plus and want to fill up normally but have no knock sensor.

otherwise is ok.

So in the automatic transmission only DEXRON2 or 3.

this can also be done in the servo or in the differential.

Was at ATU!

Hello everybody !

Was at ATU on Saturday. The workshop foreman could not say specifically what belongs in my home. ATF oil is available in different colors.

I've now read the gearbox designation:

Aisin 50-40 LE AF 22. Made in Japan.

And the oil dipstick reads: DEXTRON!

I'll have to go to the Foh after all.

Thank you, get in touch!

Oh man ..: rolleyes:

So again "bombadil" belongs to you 100% and definitely a "Dexron 2" oil, it says on the oil dipstick ...

So buy the "ATF Dexron 2" oil from in the store

Liqui Moly, which is red and everything will be fine ....;)


Everything will be fine ?

Hello Lalelubär!

A change of the Autm. Oil should not be so easy, apart from the coal.

Lower the oil pan, clean or replace the filter, reassemble and fill in 3.5 l Dextron II.

The 3.5 l in the converter are also messed up.

So after a few hundred km everything again.

Even in the clever "Do it yourself", reference is made to the Opel service.

All this only on suspicion, would have been a little d ....

But now I know more and will do the oil change thanks to your contributions.

Do you have an idea how you can make the change yourself?

Oil in the converter

Hello !

The automatic gearbox consists of 2 parts. 1. the gear train and 2. the converter. Both have a cycle together.

If the change is so easy, why do the "do it yourself" refer to the FOH.

I get the broth and change myself, I prefer mechanic experience to that of the greedy expert.

Thank you L.

Kind regards