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Penguin life

You can watch the African penguins in the Hanover Zoo for a long time, you never get bored there. The penguins also seem to feel the same way: they interact with their fellow species, quarrel or love each other. The design of the enclosure is also very popular, and people like to nibble on it from time to time.
So if you want to know what everyday penguin life looks like, just watch the following videos.

Naughty, naughty!

When looking for nesting material, penguins are no shame - and even steal from careless neighbors! Get out of the strange breeding cave and quickly return to your own nest!

That just went well again! So this penguin tries again. He has just entered the strange breeding cave again, when he is promptly caught red-handed by his owner!

Shadow plays

No respect!

Even with the penguins, there are teenagers who are very rebellious towards adults and think they are the coolest in the enclosure.


Yes, such a rope is a nice toy for a young animal. Unfortunately, his adult conspecifics don't see it that way ...

Stick pulling

It is not uncommon for the African penguins to quarrel about sticks or other material, because they are ideal as nesting material.

But even in the nest, there is still no complete agreement on where the hive that has just been conquered should be placed.