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I've now started translating, but I'm totally hacking myself on one sentence. I already have that:
Although we cannot thank him as much as we should, we still have to thank him to the extent that our hearts can take him (?). Because who is so ignorant of its cause, so thinking of nothing about the state, who does not understand that M. Antonius, if he had been able to get from Brundisium with his troops, which he thought he was getting, in Rome, as he threatened (Deponens ?) to come, would not have missed any cruelty (How do I best incorporate the genus eum?)? Of course he is said to have ordered the bravest men, the most excellent citizens, to be killed in the landlord's house (?).

From then on I hang myself up, then I can't get a reasonable sentence. I would be happy about corrections and help of any kind ...

Here is the Latin text again: Cui quamquam gratia referri tanta non potest, quanta debetur, habenda tamen est tanta, quantam maximam animi nostri capere possunt. Quis enim est tam ignarus rerum, tam nihil de re publica cogitans, qui hoc non intellegat, si M. Antonius a Brundisio cum iis copiis, quas se habiturum putabat, Romam, ut minabatur, venire potuisset, nullum genus eum crudelitatis praeteriturum fuis quippe qui in hospitis tectis Brundisi fortissimos viros optimosque civis iugulari iusserit; quorum ante pedes eius morientium sanguine os uxoris respersum esse constabat.Hacili crudelitate imbutus, cum multo bonis omnibus veniret iratior, quam illis fuerat, quos trucidarat, cui tandem nostrum aut cui omnino bono pepercisset?

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