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This work by the Queen of Fantasy left me speechless in many ways, so that an assessment of this story was an almost impossible task for me.

We probably don't have to discuss the cover. It's just a masterpiece. The cover, the illustration inside, the map - fascinatingly detailed works of art that I would immediately apply to the wall or to my skin.

The world SJM sends us to is different this time, but still familiar. We enter the city of Crescent City with mystical beings like Fae, vampires, werewolves and angels. Divided into districts and shaped by the species that live there. A world of escalating parties, drug trafficking and a revealing lifestyle - there we meet our protagonist Bryce, half fae and half human, and Umbra Mortis, a warrior angel named Hunt.

As always, SJM's writing style is unique. Detailed descriptions and intensive discussions about the history of the characters, including the supporting characters, are paired this time with very intensive verbal conversations. This attention to detail is actually a strength that has turned out to be exhausting for me this time. The middle section was very drawn out for me and therefore took a long time for the book. Subjectively, that would reduce the rating, but this is exactly what actually contributes to the characters gaining depth. You don't just read a story, you read YOUR stories.

From page 600 onwards I couldn't put the book down. One exciting scene chases the next. Twists, turns, surprises left me speechless, only so that another secret can be revealed. SJM knows how to spin the red threads that run through the entire book and are only brought together at the end. Ultimate fights, highly emotional scenes and a protagonist who fights with her external strength and inner strength against all odds for her friends and for her convictions.

Objective: 5 *** / Subjective: 4.5