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When I was younger I didn't have impulse control and did things without thinking about it. Before you call me a piece of shit, listen to me.

When I was around 11 I went to see a friend and he had one of those Red Ryder BB guns that you see at Walmart for around $ 20

In the truest sense of the word, exactly that with the leather hanging down and everything.

We played around with it in his back yard, pretending to shoot each other with it while we heard BBs rattle around in the gun. So we decided to shoot a few cans and see who is better able to shoot a target.

I was vastly superior to him at shooting the cans because my dad taught me how to plink a .22 LR 10/22 wooden stock, which is probably one of my by far most popular guns.

I had a few anger issues as a kid, but it was mostly implosive anger, which means the person I was with had to do some pretty annoying shit to get me mad. But when I got angry, it went off like a bomb.

This little fucker kept pushing me when I tried to shoot because I was a better shot than him and he didn't like that so he decided to fuck with my shots and make annoying ass comments like:

"Missed Another Fagot"

"You are so good at it!"

"Which particular Olympic candidate taught you to shoot?"

I thought he was joking at first but he had an angry look on his face and he began to breathe heavily as he tried to beat me up.

I didn't have that shit.

I told myself if he did anything else I would shoot him with this BB gun and when I was about to shoot the next can he snapped his fingers in my ear and I shot the gun at his face and the BB went right in his forehead (luckily, not the eye as our mothers told us).

He turned the other way and began to moan in pain. The only thought that crossed my mind was that the BB went into his brain and he was going to die. He turned with a stream of blood and tears running down his face. The BB was visible in his forehead.

Then he went to mom's and I was driven home and practically never got out to see or speak to this child.

On the contrary - I shot my other friend with an airsoft gun and he steadfastly replied with a blank expression on his face:

"Stop it, dude, that sucks"

We are friends to this day.