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I haven't been able to read for months, which is why I switched to audio books.

A few days ago I finished listening to Byron Katie's audio book “Lieben was ist” and today I would like to introduce you to this wonderful book. It is the first book that really showed me how powerful our thoughts are and that they can determine our entire lives.

Since I've already arrived at the 3rd audio book, I have to try hard to inform you about all these great books. So here comes the first audiobook review.

Love what is - what is it about?

Byron Katie, married and mother of three children, was for years severely depressed, addicted to alcohol, nicotine and medication, violent, and suffered from eating disorders and outbursts of anger.

Therapy was unsuccessful until Katie found her own way out of the crisis and into self-awareness. This simple method is called "The Work". And it's so effective that all of a sudden countless people go to Katie for advice.

Since then, Katie has been conveying her method "The Work" in workshops, lectures and also in (audio) books, such as in "Love what is" *.

How does “The Work” work?

“The Work” only contains four questions that you have to answer honestly for yourself. At the end you reverse the beliefs. That's it.

That sounds easy at first. Maybe even TOO easy. But these questions and the final reversals are tough and shake old beliefs. You are literally shaken up because you suddenly see and think much more clearly.

If you take the time and energy and have the will to find out the truth, then "The Work" is a really nice thing to take responsibility for yourself and to address your problems yourself.

Whether it's about the child who never does what it's supposed to, the partner with whom you argue all the time, conflicts in the family / friendship, addiction problems, questions about death or the meaning of life, Traumas from bygone days - it doesn't matter. "The Work" can be applied to any problem.

I used "The Work" for the first time when my son said to me "Stupid mom." I was full of beliefs like “My child doesn't love me” and “I'm a bad mother” and so on.

After I had “worked”, I was able to free myself from these thoughts and deal with “Stupid Mama” in a more relaxed manner. I became calmer. Could think clearly again.

A long way

I admit, I'm new to “Working”, maybe I haven't fully internalized “The Work” yet. At first there were so many doubts, so many questions. I just didn't quite get it.

Especially in the examples mentioned in the audio book, which dealt with extreme cases such as abuse, imprisonment, war and the like, I first had to learn that by no means is looking for someone to blame, but for one's own personal share, the years after these traumatic experiences you add to yourself over and over again, day after day.

In my opinion, "The Work" is no substitute for (trauma) therapy, but I doubt that those people would hope for something like that from Katie's method. They are looking for another, perhaps completely new, path that they have not yet embarked on.

How does the audio book sound?

For me personally, the total of 10 hours and 44 minutes of listening time (which is the shortened version) was quite a drag. Simply for the reason that at some point I had understood the core, but nevertheless there were apparently endless examples from the work interviews, all of which were chewed through from front to back. That might have been exciting to read in the extreme cases, but the rest otherwise sounded like repetition and that bored not only me, but also my husband, who was also listening.

Nevertheless, this audio book is worth gold in terms of content. The voices sound pleasant, not too fast, not too slow, not too loud or too soft. The intonation just fits; I could really empathize when a voice became emotional and saw the person come to life right in front of my inner eye.

The fact that Katie kept addressing her counterpart with sweetheart, sweetheart or something like that didn't bother me much in contrast to my husband; it came across as sympathetic to me, but it's just a matter of taste, that's exactly how it is with certain music that plays in between. In my opinion it shouldn't have been, but good.


Katie's method of coping with her own problems is as simple as it is ingenious. "Easy" in the sense, because there are only four questions and the inversion that should lead us to truth (if we want to and are ready to find it out).

The work that is behind it - on a mental level - is a lot more difficult. It's hard, and sometimes very painful. But it's so liberating.

To understand what power our thoughts have on us, our actions, our relationships, our lifestyle, yes, our whole life, and how we manage to get a grip on these sometimes destructive thoughts and learn to deal with them and to live, I've only heard that from Byron Katie so far. And I am extremely grateful for this knowledge, because I can finally deal with my real problems and not with those that I have spun together in my head for years.

I can therefore only warmly recommend you to familiarize yourself with “The Work” by Byron Katie.

If, like me, you rarely come to read, you can easily get the audio book "Lieben was ist" * by Byron Katie and listen to it on Audible. The great thing: If you take out a trial subscription to Audible *, you can test it out comfortably for 30 days free of charge and receive an audio book of your choice.

Or you can use the 3-month subscription from Audible * and test it for a full 3 months for free!

In any case, I wish you a lot of fun and many aha experiences!

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