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Cuttlefish are passive animals that occur in the water regardless of difficulty, biome and light level. They consist of a head with teeth on the underside and eight tentacles. They are dark blue in color and have two eyes at the front of their head.

Properties [edit]

  • Water currents do not affect squids, they can swim against the current. However, they cannot swim up waterfalls.
  • They cannot move on land and suffocate after a very short time.
  • Like almost all other land creatures, they take fall damage if they fall from a certain height.
  • Squids are not harmed on magma blocks.
  • Squids can only be caught with a rod when they are swimming on the surface of the water or are on land, as the rod's swimmer always remains on the surface of the water.
  • The breeding of squids is not possible, which is why there is no children's variant. In the Bedrock Edition there is a child variant, but only naturally spawns in the groups of adult animals and cannot be produced by breeding.
  • The octopus hitbox does not include the tentacles, so they cannot be harmed there.

Behavior [edit]

Squids move in the water by pushing their tentacles apart and back together, as if doing a recoil. They randomly change direction by spinning on the spot. Squids move around aimlessly and do not interact with the player.

Only when they are attacked by another being do they show a reaction. They then inject a black cloud of ink into the water, which in the worst case briefly blocks the player's view, and move themselves to a safe distance with a single powerful push of their tentacles. From there they swim on as usual, as if nothing had happened.

If an octopus dies, the usual death animation is not played, in which the respective creature tips over to the side and disappears shortly afterwards.

Occurrence [edit]

Squids only spawn in rivers and oceans.

They are most often found in deep waters, where they usually reside in a school of up to five animals. However, a single block of water is enough to spawn, which is why they can also appear in small bodies of water, both on the surface and in caves. However, they only spawn below sea level (Y = 63) and above a height of 46 blocks, so they cannot be found in mountain lakes.

In the Bedrock Edition, squids can only spawn in ocean biomes and appear together with their exclusive juvenile variant.[1] They cannot be reproduced, but young animals spawn automatically with a 5% probability.

Strategy [edit]

Squids can be farmed easily. One takes advantage of the fact that they cannot swim up waterfalls and only swim around aimlessly without paying attention to whether they could fall out of the water. The easiest way to catch large numbers of animals is to dig an 8 × 8 block and 3 block deep hole in an ocean or deep lake. This creates an underwater waterfall that draws animals swimming over it down. With various tunnel and shaft systems, the squids can be brought to a central point where the player can kill them or where they can land and suffocate. Death from fall damage is also possible.

NBT data [edit]

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Adventure, exploration and combat Kill any creature or get killed by any creature
A joke to throw away
Throw your trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is a bad idea.
Monster hunterHit any creature with a trident
Target exercises
Shoot something with a bow and arrow Monster hunterHit any creature with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Progress is also achieved using spectral arrows or effect arrows.


  • Squids were the first creature that Jens Bergensten introduced.[2]
  • When they were first introduced in Beta1.2, squids could be milked with a bucket like cows. This was because Jeb had used the cow as the base for the squid and inadvertently hadn't removed the milking function by then.[2]

Gallery [edit]

  • An octopus swims peacefully in the water

  • An octopus sprays ink after being damaged

  • He also moves away from his attacker with a powerful tentacle push

  • Squids from the sea stranded in a cave

  • An octopus shows its teeth

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History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Beta 1.2
  • Squids can move on the Y-axis (height)
  • Squids, like all other creatures, can despawn
Beta 1.8(Beta 1.8-pre2)
Full version 1.0(Beta 1.9-pre5)
  • Squids can only spawn between level 45 and sea level
Full version 1.4.4(1.4.4-pre)
  • Squids die on land after a few seconds
Full version 1.6(13w16a)
  • Squids can be leashed and tied to fences
Full version 1.9
  • Hitbox adjusted (width: 0.95 → 0.8)
  • Squids only drop up to two sacks of ink
  • Squids drop one to three bags of ink again
  • Squids make noises
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • The object ID was changed from "Squid" to "squid"
Full version 1.13(18w07a)
  • Squids create clouds of ink when they take damage and flee with a single, powerful push of their tentacles
Full version 1.13.1(18w31a)
Full version 1.17(21w03a)
Versions of the Bedrock Edition
Alpha 0.11.0 (build 1)
  • Octopus added
  • Emits black particles and quickly swims a few blocks away if hit
  • Baby squid added
Full version 1.2.0 (
  • The game rule "Loot of creatures" can be switched in the world settings
Full version 1.2.9
  • The game rule "Creature Loot" can be toggled in the world settings without activating cheats
  • Octopus spawn rate increased

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