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As a fabric wholesaler, everything in life clothing revolves around fabrics. When you design collections, you can rely on us to be your reliable external sourcing department. Above all, this also means that you can always see the respective wholesale bulk prices with your activated living clothing business account. To do this, you simply have to apply for a commercial account and log into your customer account after activation. To do this, simply go to "My Account" or "Log in." In addition, as a wholesaler, we offer you many other services that we explain to you in more detail on this page.

Your fabric bench

We are your fabric bench! This means that you get two collections from us every year - and you can buy fabrics from a minimum quantity of 1 meter. We are your fabric wholesaler, where you can also buy small quantities. Even if that means a lot of sweat and tears (of joy, of course), we love our job. But it is not that easy to meet your taste. Therefore, please give us honest feedback at any time and share your ideas with us!

Important to know: Not all of our fabrics are available as standard, as we have a dynamic portfolio and are constantly launching new trend colors. In order to inquire about longer-term availability or, if necessary, to plan a commissioned production, it is best to call or write to us!

Trend and sourcing agency

We are your trend and sourcing agency! At various trade fairs, we take a look at which colors and qualities will determine the looks of the coming seasons - and then do the work of sustainable sourcing for you so that you can concentrate fully on your designs. Our collections, which are launched in March and September, are organic, GOTS, IVN Plus or Fair for Life or are made from recycled materials. We only use the best quality and sustainable fabrics!

Individual reservations

With us you can choose from over 400 different fabrics. So we act as your fabric wholesaler with a large inventory. You already have your production and delivery dates in your head, but you don't yet know exactly how large your required amount of material will be because you are still waiting for orders? Never mind We would be happy to reserve your estimated quantity for you! It is best to send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call!

On site at our producers

Almost all of our producers are family businesses in Portugal, Turkey, France or Germany that we visit regularly. Personal contact and regular exchange about new developments and sustainability issues are very important to us.

Double goods control

All of our fabrics go through a double goods check in our external warehouse. There we work together with textile experts who are very familiar with everything to do with quality control.

Conferences and Talks

We never tire of talking about what we do - and why it is so important at conferences and talks. We also work regularly with students from sustainable disciplines, because together you simply have better ideas! And we can also be found in the media from time to time.

Offline and online

In our online shop you can browse fabrics and samples 24/7 and in five languages. If you prefer to be offline, you can find us at various trade fairs and showrooms that we regularly announce in our newsletter. If you are in Berlin, you can visit us on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. in our Kreuzberg showroom - and drink a homemade kombucha with us! Are these dates unfavorable for you? Then you can of course come by at any time. But please let us know beforehand by email or phone call! By the way, our customer service is almost as fast as the light. Seriously: You can reach us every day by phone and we also answer e-mails within a few hours.


We believe in conviction! At Unternehmensgrün, the Federal Association of the Green Economy, we sit on the board. We are also a member of the textile alliance - and all of this on a voluntary basis. We are also careful to promote the green economy in other ways. For us, this includes green electricity, sustainable office supplies and a delicious organic box from Brodowin, from which we like to cook together.


An idea becomes a print on fabric. That is possible with life clothes. With us you can implement your own fabric design on selected fabric qualities digitally and certified (GOTS).

custom print

Many companies and fashion designers are faced with the challenge of getting even small print quantities in the highest and sustainably certified print quality on the desired fabrics. And at a price that does not skyrocket. We offer you to provide our finest certified (GOTS) fabric qualities with your individual print. You can find detailed information about our new service on the following page.


We keep receiving inquiries as to whether we also broker fashion productions and know clothing companies that can also produce smaller quantities. We also often get inquiries about ingredients such as buttons, lace or zippers. The Good Garment Collective from Berlin is a good point of contact for productions