What does it mean to keep their masculinity cheap?

Being a man: 4 types of characteristics of real men


When is a man a man?

To be a real man: what does that mean today? What qualities are attributed to it? We asked four men about it.

For a long time the lords of creation were called the strong sex. Today, in the 21st century, we know: it's not you. Especially in times of crisis, such as the last one with Corona, it becomes clear that women keep the world going. Whether in systemically relevant professions or in care work at home.

Typically male characteristics à la Old White Man, on the other hand, bring very little to society. And just being attractive, men never wanted that. So what does that mean to be a real man?

Being a man: 4 guys talk about their masculinity

How do men deal with change in life? We asked four people what masculinity means to them and what not.

"To be a man means to be a person."

Florian, 34, musician & sound designer at Euroteuro:

How would you define masculinity for yourself?
I don't really see any point in defining a construct of masculinity for myself. Rather that of humanity.

Do you find yourself manly enough?
I don't see now what to be manly enough for. This is not a requirement for me. It's more like something negative. We are happy to abolish patriarchy of my own accord.

What should masculinity have more of?

Are challenges like the current corona crisis changing your view of life?
For me, the situation just shows how fragile systems can be. There is something calming and unsettling about it at the same time. I try not to fall into too much self-optimization and crisis stress.

"Be a man? Should women also be allowed. "

Christian, 37, photographer:

What does masculinity mean to you?
Do I have to define it for myself? I can do just fine without definition. Assigning various characteristics to one gender will not get us very far in 2020. I think everything female should also be allowed to be male, and that obviously works the other way around.

You recently became a father, has that changed your views on masculinity and being a man?

There is a difference in the delivery room. We men don't have to have the child. Our hand may be crushed, but of course we cannot take over the most important part. Masculinity doesn't help either.

How do you personally deal with changes and challenges in your life?

I try to let the circumstances affect me in portions. At least outwardly, this leads to a stoic serenity, which may then also appear masculine.

"Be a man, but with a brain!"

Shinya, 47, Fashion Director & Shop Owner of RelaxGardenVienna:

How would you define masculinity for yourself?
I think it's important to be mentally strong in order to be kind. I understand that now that I have two children. In times like these, this is particularly important in order to help others and to be there for others.

What should masculinity have more of?
Less muscles, more brain.

How do you deal with changes and challenges in life, especially in the current situation?
The coronavirus puts me in a situation where I have to think very differently about our lifestyle. I try to make the most of it by organizing a kindergarten for my children at home and taking care of the household. My wife is a doctor and right now she is more needed and on duty than ever before.

"Being a man is a feeling in the body."

Jonas, 37 years, guitarist:

How would you define masculinity for yourself?
I don't know exactly what manhood is. If I have to choose a gender to which I belong, then it is probably "man". There is a feeling in the body besides having a penis. A sense of belonging in the general sense.

What should masculinity have more of?
Masculinity should generally allow more femininity. And vice versa, of course. So if you have the feeling that there are clear boundaries, then maybe you can just let more of the other through, of what you consider to be of the opposite sex.

How do you personally deal with changes and the current corona crisis?
I follow the changes and adapt, a bit like a fish in the water, even if it's a bit uncomfortable. I expect things to change.

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