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If you love spices, the GRUBAUER’S® Gewürzversand shop is the right place for you. In our spice shop you can find A large selection of kitchen spiceswith which you can give dishes a distinctive touch. When it comes to spice mixes, it can't be hot and fiery enough for you? Would you like to enhance Mediterranean delicacies with spicy peppers? Whether garlic, mustard flour or sea salt - if you set high standards when it comes to taste, you are guaranteed to find the right seasoning in our spice shop.


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Kitchen seasoning or seasoning mix without unnecessary additives complacent GRUBAUER’S® Gewürzmanufaktur does not use superfluous additives in the preparation of spices. Raw spices and spice blends that you buy online from our spice trade are available as natural flavor carriers Enjoyment according to the highest standards.


Buy seasoning mixes and spices online - at GRUBAUER’S® Gewürzmanufaktur you can do this without compromise:

  • We use for our kitchen spices no Flavor enhancers such as glutamate
  • All spices are from our spices shipping gluten-free & lactose-free
  • Kitchen spices and seasoning mixes contain little or no salt
Quality in its purest form for salty spice mixtures Controlled in-house production of seasoning mixes
We only use it for spice preparations that contain salt healthy sea saltor primal salt, which is also called rock salt. In addition, our spice blends only contain the best paprika and pepper varieties - because only high-quality raw spices are the best spices that combine to create a taste that will convince in your kitchen.


We mainly produce our spice blends in our small spice factory even according to in-house recipes here. We compose taste symphonies in our spices, which turn your dishes into feasts. Delicious dishes are therefore not witchcraft, but are based on selected and coordinated spices that you can order from us.



Whether for lunch, a banquet table or dinner - you can order spices in our spice shop attractive prices. Convince yourself of the quality of our products and buy refined treasures in our spice shop - either as individual spices, mill spices or as harmonious spice mixtures!

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A little digression: spices have been flavor carriers since ancient times

Those who cook nowadays will sooner or later resort to a spice delivery service. Kitchen spices are indispensable and have been used to refine dishes since time immemorial. But since when have people been seasoning with herbs and spices?

To get the answer to that, you have to look far back in time.


Humans already used spices in prehistory and antiquity

Researchers found clues about the use of herbs and seeds in Europe in Neolithic tombs and caves. But even in Asia it was not uncommon for people to season dishes with different plants or parts of plants. Arab merchants brought Indian and back-Indian spices to Africa. In the era of the great pharaohs, they came to Egypt via sea and caravan routes and were very popular there. For many centuries the spice trade was in the hands of the Arabs and Phoenicians. They brought spices to ancient Athens and Rome, where they could often only be bought, processed and consumed by wealthy citizens because of the high prices. With the expansion of the Roman Empire over the Alps and the rise of the city-states of Venice and Genoa, people in Central Europe also enjoyed exotic herbs and spices.


The first spice shipment

Because the demand for spices rose rapidly in the Middle Ages and spice products became the most valuable commodities of that time, Christopher Columbus decided to look for a sea route to India westwards across the ocean to avoid the expensive trade route across the country.

Instead of India, however, he drove to America and brought interesting spices to his homeland, Portugal, which are still on every spice shelf today. Including: paprika and vanilla. Only the Portuguese Vasco da Gama achieved the impossible. He found a sea route around the Cape of Good Hope to India and brought Portugal considerable prosperity because the most important growing areas for exotic spices in the east were under Portuguese hands.


Today you can buy spices cheaply and enjoy delicacies from all over the world

Portugal did not dominate the shipping of spices forever. In the later years there was a constant struggle between Holland, England, Portugal and France for the power of spices. The times of narrow-minded power struggles are long gone, however. In the meantime, pepper, curry and co. Are available in stores at affordable prices.

At GRUBAUER’S® you can buy spices cheaply.

Test your way through the different flavors and embark on a culinary journey! Whether Far Eastern coriander, anise, the tasty sausage spice, hearty grill spice, salad spices or savory peppercorns in a practical pepper sack - our online spice shop will send you the spices of all national kitchens to your home!


GRUBAUER’S® spice shop with a wide selection of top quality spice blends

Anyone who loves seasoning with exotic spices will find what they are looking for in the spice shop. GRUBAUER’S® is paradise for all those who like food refine with an extravagant note want. We are a manufactory that is lovingly assembled by hand. This means that we still have some of our spices and seasoning mixes manufacture and process yourself. With us you can order spices online that leave no questions unanswered in terms of quality. We receive the raw spices for our spice blends from certified supplierswith whom we have been working for a long time. These guarantee excellent product quality, which also flows into our spice preparation.

Sunday roast, creamy curry or hearty potato salad as a grill side dish - spices from our online shop bring the gusto from near and far into your kitchen. The range of our spice shop ranges from mixes for classic home cooking to flavors with an exotic note.


You can buy the following kitchen spices and seasoning mixes cheaply in our spice delivery department:


- Single spices
- Spice mixes
- Herbs
- chili
- curry
- pepper
- Salts
- Baking spices
- Barbecue spices
- Mill spices
- Salad spices
- chinese spices
- Italian spices
- Herbs + spices from Hildegard von Bingen
- Dips + pestos
- Spices without salt
- Paleo spices
- Spices without garlic
- filled spice jars
- Spice mills: filled or empty
- BBQ rubs


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The best spices for your kitchen: Convince yourself of the High quality of our products and order tasty spice mixtures in our spice shop. If you want to buy a kitchen spice, you should focus on quality. We are a spice shipping company that dispenses with unnecessary additives such as flavor enhancers and produces spice creations in our own factory. Whether single spices, spice mixtures or herbs - the range of our shop leaves nothing to be desired and gives you the opportunity to high quality spices cheap to acquire.

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