How to improve your basketball footwork

Improve basketball game

Find the role of your position.[5]When you play for a team, you have a certain role that you have to fulfill. While falling behind for a three-point throw every time your hand hits the ball can be fun, it is usually not the center's job to do so. Talk to your teammates and your coach to find out where you should be on certain moves.
  • The point guard or development player is the general on the field. In this position, you have to keep an eye on the whole field and set up the offensive. You have to be a selfless passer and a good pitcher.
  • The shooting guard is the support for the builder. Usually he is the best thrower or attacking player on the team.
  • The small forward or winger is the most versatile. You have to be a good thrower with the ability to get the rebounds both offensively and defensively and you have to have a good eye to play the ball back to the guards to set up the offensive again.
  • The power forward is a good defender, throw blocker and an excellent zone player. He's probably the strongest physically player on the team.
  • The center is (among other things) probably the biggest player on the team. You should also be an excellent rebounder and passer, with the ability to control the zone play in attack.
  • Get inspiration from other players. When watching an NBA or college game, take a close look at the player who is playing in your position. Where's the power forward while the shooting guard takes the threesome? What does the guard do while the center goes offensive rebound?