How to select the language from the drop-down menu

Switch Foxit Reader to German - this is how you can do it


If you did not download the Foxit Reader in German during installation, you can still change the language later. To do this, however, you need the right language package. How to find this and then switch the reader to German, read here.

Change to German: Download the language file for the Foxit Reader

The Foxit Reader can be used in a total of 36 different languages. To change the Foxit Reader to German or another language, however, you need the corresponding language file.
  1. To download the German language file from the manufacturer's archive, please call up the website "" in your browser.
  2. First select the version of Foxit Reader that you have installed on your computer from the drop-down menu in order to load the list with the available language packs.
  3. Then look in the list under “Language” for the entry “German” and download the language package by clicking on “lang_de_de.xml”.
  4. Now paste the language file into the Foxit program folder, which you will find by default under C: / Programs (x86) / Foxit Software / Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader: How to change the language to German

If you have downloaded the German language package, you can change the language of the Foxit Reader directly in the program. To do this, start Foxit first and navigate to “Edit”> “Preferences”> “Language” in the menu. Then check “Choose custom language” and select “German” as the language. As soon as you save the change with "OK", you can use the Foxit Reader in German.

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