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#Fact1Is the most frequent poster on the Howard Stern bulletin board among the show's employees. He often uses his time on the board to plug his son's band, Vertigo Blue.2Is (perhaps) the most ridiculed member of The Howard Stern Show regulars. Has been mocked for being a loser, overweight, bald-headed, incompetent on the job and a two-pack-a-day smoker. His droning monotone and lack of personality are also the butt of many jokes on the show.3Manages his son's band, Vertigo Blue.4Deejays on the side. His company is called Rocket Entertainment.5Salem works at WXRK in New York, Howard Stern's station, as the engineer. Although Stern often berates him loudly on the air, Howard has said that Scott is the best engineer he has ever worked with. Scott is often ridiculed for his smoking habit, his weight, his baldness and for going bowling on 9/11. He has often appeared on the TV show.