Macdonald Clan tartan scarf, how to wear

How to wear tartan trend

Originally used in Scotland to distinguish different clans from one another, tartan is now ubiquitous. On the runways you will see models showing the work of different designers in tartan, while on the streets you will see people in tartan. It looks like tartan fashion is going to be a staple, so read on for some styling ideas on how to wear this trend.

If you're not sure if you can wear tartan on clothing, why not wear it on accessories? Think tartan scarves, blanket scarves, headbands, bags, belts, and even shoes, which are great for adding a tartan to your style without looking over the top. If you creatively knot your tartan blanket scarf in different ways, you can instantly change your look in another statement.

If you want a closer Scottish fashion experience, wear tartan skirts. Although men in Scotland often wear the tartan skirt, it can also be worn with smart schoolgirl outfits. The usual red and black pattern can be a grungy element that you can wear to show off your grunge style. You can also opt for a midi tartan skirt and a crop top for an edgy but chic outfit. On the other hand, if you are planning on wearing the trend in the office, you can go for a muted style of the pattern like a black and white tartan.

As an alternative to typical neutral straight leg trousers for the office, you can choose tartan trousers in dark colors and remain somewhat sleek and tailored. So, you can combine them with other neutral colors to keep your work outfit clean and polished. You can also look for other colors to combine, but stick to plain colors as the print mix fashion for the office only takes away the professionalism in you.

You can also add a Scottish girl vibe to your wardrobe by wearing tartan button-down shirts. These are very versatile pieces that you can wear with different ensembles to create different looks. In combination with denim shorts or jeans and cowboy boots, the first impression of a cowgirl look is created. On the other hand, you can switch your shoes to stilettos, heels or pumps, which can make the edgy outfit more feminine. For a gruff street punk look, wear your tartan shirts over a graphic shirt and pair it with a pair of leather pants and leather boots. The slick fabric of your tartan shirt is contrasted with the noble feel of the leather, which is just so stylish. Like any other patterned or printed jacket, tartan jackets can add color to your outfit, especially if you only wear shirt-and-jeans combinations.

A complete pattern is always the best way to safely try a new fashion trend. There are tartan dresses that have clean lines and modern silhouettes that can take you to a casual to semi-formal event. A tartan dress worn with ballet flats or kitten heels is a great look for a casual daytime outfit. There are also dresses with a vintage touch that could also be worn for a preppy outfit. If you're not a fan of a red and black or black and white color combination of tartan patterns, you can now go for more vivid colors that suit your skin color, hair color, and eye color, which can definitely be a way to express your personality. If you ever feel that the tartan pattern is too much for you in a full piece, you can always wear a jacket, coat or blazer on top.

When deciding on a mix of two trends at once, always remember the print mix rule of finding a common ground or similar neutral color between the pattern and prints to avoid getting too busy or cluttered. This is a great way to show your creative style while sharing the fashion trend.