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Memories of the indigo child Matias De Stefano

This post is an excerpt from a transcribed video, published on; translated and edited by Krovax and Taygeta.
(Note from the translator: Since the underlying transcription, but probably also the translation from Spanish into English, was not always correct or well formulated, and it was not always useful to translate verbatim, we tried to give ourselves a certain degree of freedom in rendering but always to remain true to the meaning.)

teller: How does the universe work? Do good and bad exist? Do we really know all of human history? How did the human being appear. Does God Exist? What is the ghost? Who are the indigo children? Did Atlantis exist? Where do we come from Where are we going? What does it all mean?

Imagine if there was an explanation for all of these questions, for everything that happens. A declaration that combines science and faith and can explain both the physical and the spiritual. Imagine someone starts to remember the creation of the universe and that that person remembers their life before they were born. He remembers people, remembers beings, remembers missions and goals, and remembers the structure of everything we know, think, and feel about the universe.

This is a summary of the basic concepts of our existence, how we were created, how we function on a large scale, about the truths and structures of the things we think we understand, about the great importance of the things we have in life to ignore.

Part one: someone who remembers

Who am I? My name is Matias De Stefano, I am 22 years old, come from Venado, Tuerto, Argentina and my purpose is to remember.

Since I was three years old, I began to remember things from before I was born.
We are all able to remember when we activate the part of our brain that connects us to cosmic memory. Anyone can do it, but some of us specialize in it. We are allowed to remember historical events that took place at times that modern mankind is unaware of. We can access all of the universal memory to understand the processes taking place on the planet and within humanity today.

In the beginning my memories were gentle and I used them to tell stories to my friends and keep them entertained. But later the memory process got harder because I started having a lot of headaches that got so bad that I had to hit my head to make the pain go away. One picture after the other appeared, connected with a kind of sentimental memory - and with pain. I recorded this information and impressions with pictures and notes, in the way that the beings I could see showed me.

These are beings that we all have around us, but only a few can see them. They helped me organize this information and showed me how to use it. Seriously, I always thought that was perfectly normal. I never thought of it as strange until I was around 14 years old and realized that I was aware of things that other people didn't know about.

The only person I shared this information with was my mother. She knew everything that was happening, even if she didn't understand anything I was telling her. She understood me, she accepted that it was what was happening to me, and she was the most important support I had in avoiding these memories.

teller: Among the many things Matias could remember was Sayonic, a language that allowed him to explain cosmological history in a simple and familiar way, just as the people who spoke on these subjects once did.

The origins of this language go back to 9000 BC. BC and was used by priests who lived on what is now the Egyptian coast. Its aim was to enable people with different languages, belief systems and cultures to understand each other in a freedom that spans nations.

My mission

What I want to convey to people with my memories is not actually a message. What I can tell you is to calm down because we are on the right track. I want to explain in a simple way the historical events cleanly and destroy myths that ensure that humanity is currently living in hopelessness.

The reason I can remember this is because of the position I held before I was born. In fact, many of the children who are just born are able to remember. You can remember past lives, where they came from, from which sun, why they came, etc ... But I could remember the general knowledge, the history and the cosmology ... because I was central to what is on earth Akashic Archives, which I called Thamthiorgah when I was a boy.

teller:Thamthiorgah, in the Sayonic language, is the place everyone calls the Central Akashic Archive. Matias calls the archive of information the "spinal cord of God". Akasha is a word with roots in Sanskrit that is used to denote a cosmic plan that is used as a file in which all events, situations, emotions and actions of a being are stored. The entire history of the planet is recorded there, as well as the personal history of each of us. In these files, the meaning of life and the program of our destiny based on our karma or our learning processes are recorded.

My job (in Thamthiorgah) was to deal with large amounts of data, so it wasn't that difficult for me to remember. Many who start to remember when they are young can become autistic, schizophrenic, or even die before they are 13. Since I knew how to deal with this information, I was allowed to remember more and more. Although I suffered a lot between the ages of 13 and 17, I was able to control and organize this information.

My memories

The things I could remember first were my past lives, but the spectrum soon expanded enormously. Some of the things that I have been able to organize and talk about go back to the beginning of souls, to the creation of what we call God, back to the various humanities of the stars and the confederation of the galaxy. I spoke about the waves of souls that were born into the different worlds, how reincarnation works, what the systems and laws of the cosmos are, also about the history of humanity, especially the unknown history.

Likewise, I remembered history of Atlantis and Lemuria, the races that influenced the creation of mankind and how they influenced all historical events of the ages, up to the attainment of Aquarius. We, all of the new souls who are born into this period, need to understand the Aquarian process. We have to learn to live on this planet and what to do today and for the next 200 years.

teller: In order to live in this society we need to know about our environment, about the people, the events that take place, the culture, the races and many of the factors of physical life and to do this we need to research all of these. And the ENVIRONMENT serves us AS A MIRROR. Everything we can find outside are just reflections of what we have inside.

People have to understand all the interrelationships in order to find their way around their living environment. You have to understand the ancient history and also where we came from, where we are going and why we are here.

So in order to understand these relationships, we have to find our mission, our own evolutionary path, have to understand what our task is in this process. I am not here to name each individual's mission, but just to show the general mission of the group; everyone has to find out for himself what the task of the individual is.

teller: We have to find out what concerns us and what shouldn't affect us, not because something is immoral, ugly or unsightly, but because of existing emotional relationships with other things. This can be achieved through meditation. By silently closing our eyes and looking inward, we find out what we can discover in ourselves.

Part Two: Another Concept of the Universe

Life can be divided into two periods to understand how it all began. It can be explained on the etheric level or on the physical level. Of course, the physical plane did not exist when the ethereal began, and life was interpreted differently then. It was interpreted as essence, on a spiritual level.

teller:The spirit is the essence, a spark from God's body, one of his electrons. The mind has no form because it is made of pure light. It contains all the knowledge of the origin.

A spirit is born from what is referred to here as the source. Where all things come from, the spiritual energy is on a very subtle level that does not even have an energetic vibration. That means it has no energetic or ethereal density. It's just pure light. This light spreads across the universe and when it condenses it becomes molecules, compact energy. When it condenses, matter begins to form.

teller: Spirits (spirit sparks) are born with two main functions:

  1. to move everything that has condensed to return to the light ... and
  2. to integrate all experiences of the cosmos and to understand everything and to help the spirits to become a new god.

It expands and contracts again and in this expansion and contraction the spiritual essence of matter has to refine again and bring it back to the source. It is in this subtle process that reincarnation takes place.

The reincarnation process allows the spirit to be in matter and to bring matter back into pure light. This means that we have to break with the idea that matter is impure.

Matter is also pure and we, as spirits, incarnate so that matter can become light again. This process is what has been called "DHUATER TUMTI KEI DHU URNUS ATERTI" which translated means "bring heaven to earth and give light back to heaven". This sentence encompasses everything in our life. The process of reincarnation requires us to evolve, and in this comprehensive process the integration of all things is achieved.

Teller: The soul is the next denser vehicle that the mind has at its disposal. It is composed of different energies, that is why it has a density, because it is not EXCLUSIVELY made of pure light. The chakras belong to your body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. These are energetic glands that allow the mind to connect with the maximum density: matter. Each chakra corresponds to a gland in the physical body.

The soul is a matter of etheric collections that are able to vibrate on the level of matter. This enables pure light to go into matter, to evolve and to understand the whole existence of the being we call God ... in order to be able to become a God oneself. And that becomes possible through experience, through the experience of everything that exists in the universe in all its aspects, in each of its dimensions.

We are now going through the third dimension, so we are integrating the experience of life in the third dimension. We experience this experience thanks to the organization that was created in this universe. The dissolution of matter is what gives us experience in the universe, and we call this the dissolution of time.

Time is an essence that is there to dissolve matter, so it only exists in the physical world. This experience can last for years or millennia, depending on what each soul and spirit as a whole is to learn.


Teller:Evolution has a broad history and can be found in the soul. It can be used by spiritual beings to practice in the physical world. There are different steps in the process of evolution to become what we are today.

There are different types of incarnations. We know the human one best. But actually the different incarnations start on the energetic level.
First, the mind must exercise with energy and incarnate into what is known as the soul. He has to adapt to the properties of the soul and learn how to handle what a soul being is.
Then he begins to practice incarnations as a molecule on the gaseous level.

Teller:As spirits, we must first incarnate on the least dense level and there practice adapting. The condensation of things allows us to understand the flow of physical things within the dense worlds.
The highest density enables us to experience how matter feels and how we recognize our limits in the physical world. Plants make it possible to understand how divine light is channeled and how it is anchored into the earth. In order for this to happen, the process of photosynthesis must be carried out over a long period of time and further integrated day by day.
By becoming animals, the mind is enabled to learn movement and how to control a body, decision-making, instinct, interactions and communication with other beings.
By becoming rational beings, we are enabled to practice spirituality and meditation, and to acquire culture and a sense of family.

Human being:
After about 70 lifetimes, the moment has come to unite earth and heaven, taking into account all that we have learned up to that point. This is the final physical level, along with the extraterrestrial.

Angels and beings from the 7th dimension:
Evolution changes at this level. Here the spirits work in the service of the physical worlds, using their learned experiences to help those who are going through the physical density themselves.

After the 7th dimension, another type of evolution begins, which is more ethereal. This means that the beings who have already passed through the physical levels incarnate in the ethereal planes because they were able to illuminate their matter and to let it ascend.

When someone ascends above matter, a new evolutionary process begins because his body has become light. The task now is to help others below to help them understand the process of enlightenment of matter, as did those who we as Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed and many others who are not in our society are known.

This whole process brings us to what I refer to as Lumina in one of my writings, which is a level of pure light. This process is difficult to describe in words because it does not correspond to our evolutionary or dimensional level. So the only thing I can say about it is that it exists and we don't have to worry about it.

The dimensions

The first dimension that we know is the starting point. These are all the little dots that we see in the sky that we call Prana. They are points of light that shape and create all things.

The second dimension is a projection of these points of light. As an example of something that is visible in the second dimension, it can be called a shadow.

As the shadow itself expands, the third dimension vibration is created, and that is the level we live on today. This is particularly based on geometry.

The second dimension can be understood as drawings from numerology (like a sequence of numbers?), mathematically, and the third dimension as geometry.

Sacred geometry rules in the fourth dimension. That means the application of geometry on a vibrational level. It is the moment when matter begins to understand that there is no space and no time. The only thing that exists is the here and now.

The fifth dimension goes beyond sacred geometry and contains the essence of sacred geometry. This means understanding that every geometric unit forms a different form of being.

Although we live in the third dimension, we can have an understanding of it or a theory of what we haven't internalized yet.

The sixth dimension is a projection of the totality of all things in existence on the integrative level.What is that supposed to mean? The sixth dimension is the place where everything is possible. It is the level at which we can create our own reality, at which we can create our own geometry.

The seventh dimension is the integration of geometry into pure light. It is the level at which beings start losing their faces just to become leaders, and they move onto a Christ level. A Christ level of vibration that more or less extends into the 10th dimension. On these planes live those known as the Cosmic Fathers or Pleiadian Aliens. They are beings who can easily switch between dimensions. This can be done in these dimensions and is visible in the third or ninth dimension.

The remaining dimensions are difficult for the human mind to understand. As an example, the eleventh dimension is a place where everything moves around like in a placenta. All vibrations move like a wave of energies that make up everything.

Teller: In the universe the stewards, judges, archangels, seraphs, leaders and many other higher dimensional beings perform the function of politicians almost imperceptibly. It is they who control the order of people and the worlds and help them to social and economic well-being, thereby enabling them to learn; they move in the worlds and help the community and its evolution.

To be beyond these hierarchies does not necessarily mean to be superior. Existing in higher dimensions doesn't mean being better or standing above someone else or anything like that. What it means is to have different kinds of vibrations, different vibrational levels. There are many higher dimensional beings who need to learn from the third dimension. That means that they are not yet perfect. They are not superior, just different.

Good and evil

Good and bad doesn't mean better or worse.

Teller: In heaven the economy is energetic and simple. It's just a flow of energy and information. It is an exchange of essences and energy on such a subtle level that it can almost no longer be perceived. What we know as bad is not really bad, it can even reach higher dimensions in order to maintain a balance between giving and receiving.

Every energetic system works in such a way that it does not leave an empty space. When someone gives, he must receive immediately. This is often viewed by humanity as something negative and dark.

The beings of light introduced economics into the physical worlds so that souls can move around and survive by exchanging necessities. It doesn't mean that it (the economy) is evil, it's just one way exchange can work, another way of evolving.

Light develops through peace, self-control, free will and support, and there is plenty of time for this process. On the other hand, "evil" or darkness is just another way of developing by setting deadlines.

Fast deadlines: you have to learn within a year. If you don't, something 'bad' will happen. So it's just a different way of developing. Because people understand things morally, this is not very well understood at this earthly level, but it is a way of developing faster and many people have decided to choose this path.


Teller:In school we are taught that history is 3000 BC. started. What we know about our history is based on sources that have stood the test of time. But even things that we believed to be true 40 years ago now turn out to be false. How can historians know what happened in 3000 BC? has happened?

The creation

Within the entire, multidimensional evolutionary process, we can find the 'historical' process within the third dimension. This process began about 6000 million years ago. But for humans, that point in time is closer ... about 30 million years ago.

The process of creation of mankind was first programmed through genetics, through the beings that transmute genetic information and evolution. We call these beings Eternal Beings or Nature Spirits.

These beings project all the forms emanating from God into the physical world. So, in a sense, Darwin's theory is true even if a detail is missing.

There are many races on this planet, among the plants, animals and also people who do not come from this planet, but have arisen through mutations or historical additions. All of these beings were brought here because of an evolutionary need.

The story of the present Humanity on these planets began around 24,000 BC when the first human prototypes, also known as Adam and Eve, were created. Although Eva wasn't the first woman she was, because that was Lilith. But there were already people on earth. Adam and Eve weren't really the first. They were the first prototype of the human as we know him now. You, Adam and Eve, were created through a cultural addition, to put it somehow, coming from other planets to make the human race what it is now.

Why did you do that? It wasn't a coincidental event. It is not that humans were created by aliens or by God as so many people claim. According to the divine plan, the angelic planes were in contact with beings from the ninth dimension who are also extraterrestrial, and these transferred the angelic plans into the physical world through beings who are connected to the spiritual world. And they followed the plan according to the needs of cosmology.

Teller:A conspiracy began to develop in human history, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, to take control of this exceedingly rich and varied world. This conspiracy is known today as the Tale of the Reptilians, Rigelians, and Illuminati (and others).

The planet Earth has undergone important changes from the invasion of other races that have not been positive for the planet. For example, the now well-known reptilians were negative for earth evolution. Therefore, the Galactic Federations helped with beings who have a close relationship with the angelic planes. They helped humanity, which was just about to evolve a new humanity, to create what we know as the human prototype we are today.

The history of mankind

Teller:It is so that history and time are spiraling. This means that events repeat themselves differently, but according to the same patterns. History should not be seen as a list that one has to know to know what has happened to date, but should be understood as a complex, camouflaged order that shows us mistakes that could be repeated.

The actual story is obviously very different from what we were taught in the classroom, although it is slowly beginning to surface. The problem with the story is that it can be read over and over and is very sensational and rigid on some points. It was like that, and there is NO other opinion. Or there is a conspiracy or plan behind humanity.

In reality, it's not quite like that. The history of mankind has taken place this way because it should take place this way and all the problems that have been created were done to enable mankind to change and advance the evolution of consciousness in mankind. That is why mankind is subject to constellations (ages) that began in primeval times and each last 2160 years.

The ages

Teller:The earth revolves around the sun, in a process that lasts 365 days, but at the same time our sun revolves around a different, much larger sun about every 26,000 years. Like a year on earth, a solar year also has its seasons, equinoxes, solstices and ages. This has an impact on historical events on earth.

We know the first prototypes that were created as Lemurians, I call them Lomiom. The Lomiom were at home throughout the Pacific. It's a race that Lemuria as we know it today created ... well, at least as some know it.

After many historical problems, Atlantis began to develop in the Atlantic, which I called Gefislion when I was little. This land stretched across the Atlantic Ocean, and the Atlanteans created a multitude of civilizations and colonies on the warm side of the planet that helped organize the planet and keep it on course with the Cosmic Plan.

Teller:How was it possible that some civilizations began writing complex scripts practically overnight? How could the Egyptians, after only 1000 years of human civilization, build such great monuments that were so spectacularly calculated and constructed mathematically?

How were so many gods created to worship in just 100 years?

Why are there pyramids all over the world, also in America and Japan, which are very similar to those in Egypt, when in theory the Egyptians never got further than the Red Sea or the Mediterranean?

Why does the Sphinx show signs of erosion over a period of over 9,000 years, even though Egyptologists say it was only built 5,000 years ago?

All of the civilizations that existed between 13,000 and 6,000 BC. existed, tried to apply a system of earthly balance and human information. This is how the plan began to build the pyramids and ancient temples. Today only a few memorials remain.

The great pyramids are believed to be tombs, but they never were.

Teller:The first civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Maya and Doors of the Sun ("Doors of the Sun" in the original) are the ones from which many other civilizations 10000 BC. have been created.

Later on, humanity had to go through a different kind of evolution, which was less centered on the stars and more consisted in working on earth and on humanity, culturally and otherwise. That is why the story we can remember began in 3000 BC, with the Age of Taurus.

For many teachers, the history of mankind begins, and “civilization” begins in Egypt. The story we know relates to what happened in the ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces, the age we are now passing through, and we can understand today that the story evolves according to the energies that flow from the cosmos to the planets flow, in our case, to earth.

The energetic pressure that comes from the stars directs events on earth because everything is connected to everything.

Teller:The energies of the cosmic environments are factors that can shape the energy of the soul in such a way that it prompts the physical body to recognize and carry out its mission. This is why the cosmic order determines the steps we should take, our history, our plan and path, our feelings, relationships, gifts, and so many other aspects - to create the necessary mechanisms that will allow us to learn this and carry out what we agreed to before we were born.

After the sunrise in 2012, the intention of the ages in the cycle will change, and with it the vibration of the worlds. What does that mean? It's like the beginning of spring. Everything that has been edited in the "known" story is now beginning to open up to a new type of story that is completely unknown. Not because the world is going through a terrible change, but because there is an increase in vibration and energy from the sun. And through this the earth will transform its energetic vibration.


So when the energy level changes, the energy vibrates differently. When it vibrates differently, it changes color. The vibration level of a planet creates a different color due to heat radiation. And all souls have to adapt to this color. And the color that vibrates on earth today is known as indigo.

Much is said about the indigo children these days. It is not a group of souls who wear an indigo suit or bring some kind of spiritual indigo level with them. It is just new souls who have come to work on earth during this time. And in order to be able to be born on earth and to be able to work in the vibrational field of the earth, they need this indigo color.

This demystifies the story that has been told by so many books about these "special" children. It is not that no one but a certain percentage of "indigo children" are indigo. It's really not like that, it's because of the earth vibrating indigo.

What does the indigo color mean? Indigo is the color of the third eye, which we know as the eye of visions.

Teller:That color is transmutation, and souls have come to work in the manner that best suits each of them. If their context is arguable or very passive, they will achieve change through aggressiveness or by introducing new ideas at the family level. You will do it through sexuality, politics, vandalism, art, disinterest, and tribal conflict, even through pure or possessive love. But they will change everything because their mission is to change things to create the environment that is needed.

They also transform visions, create ideas, are creative. So they work on these levels: creativity and idealism. But they change them because they transmute. So everything begins to transmute what is born on this planet.

This transmutation takes place in different ways ... through aggressiveness, conflict between societies, or through calm. By action or non-action, both are very useful to the universe.

Every soul being that has come to earth since the early 1980s after the curtains began to open is an indigo. That means, every tree, every animal and every person born since the 80s is already indigo. It's not a special group. Whether someone belongs to a “group” that is considered special depends on the level of vibration that they had before they came to earth. It does not depend on whether someone was an indigo, but what his special soul level is from which he comes. This is what makes all people different. This is why some Indigos are warriors, some are creative, some are absolutely peaceful, and some are ignoring everything.

So, for example, you don't necessarily have to believe in God or talk about the universe just because you're indigo. Indigo is a vibration that transmutes, an indigo can also do this through economics or politics without believing in God.

Teller:It has nothing to do with spirituality; it has to do with vibration. The classification of souls has to do with vibration, and the extent depends on the type of vision. They have all agreed to what they want to achieve in this world, but the only thing they must rely on in order to achieve their mission goal is for adults to stop worrying about their well-being and education. The best way to help them is to let them be and start listening to yourself.

The Crystal Children, compared to the Indigos, are beings who come from the Christian planes ... there are hundreds of thousands of little Christians who have come here to fulfill the task of unconditional love. And they are the generation that started coming here in 2000.

The souls that exercise more spirituality are the crystal children; they also came at that time as a group of Avatars, as they are called today.

You belong to a group of souls who came here to work spiritually through harmony. This refers to a spirituality that has nothing to do with God or angels, but with the harmony of societies and the people in them.



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