How much does the Babylock fate cost

Income tax assistance costs & fees

See how little you have to pay in the fee table, because the annual membership fee is socially staggered. The tax base is made up of all taxable and tax-free annual income.

These are among others:

1. gross wages / wages,

2. Other income such as pensions, pension payments, permanent burdens and tax-free employer benefits,

3. Income replacement benefits and the like, tax-free income, annual rental income or income-related expenses from renting and leasing,

4. Income from capital assets and private sales transactions,

5. Income or business expenses from the declaration for the separate determination of the fundamentals (e.g. leasing in the case of property communities).

In civil partnerships, the income of the spouses assessed together under 1. to 5. are added together.

In the case of income from renting and leasing, the contribution increases by one level.

In the case of income from capital assets, the contribution does not increase.