The rabbit who loves carrot manga

"There is no carrot flavor in the world of flies" Picture Story PPT

"There is no carrot something in the world flies" Picture story PPT

Rabbit hopping, frog jumping and you want to say the words: good friends means sharing everything? If something cannot be shared, can you do to be the best friend?

It's the rabbit bouncing, it's the frog jumping two people's best friend, they stay together from morning to night, play together ... listen to music ... dance together. ... laugh together and ... eat together (the story from here) rabbits bouncing favorite carrots - crunchy and sweet carrots.

The frog is jumping? He loves flies - big and fat removed, flying "hums" on the cheese platter in the glass cover.

Bounce with a hard big board, "Kacha Kacha" to put the carrots to go to the stomach.

Change each time only triggers a fly, long tongue looking for "wind" continues to catch the flies.

jumping too fast action is too fast, you let ....... look at a super super slow slow effect.

Sometimes they may feed each other. It's more fun that way, of course!

One day when they had dinner together, thinking jumped from a good idea. He said: "We play from morning to evening, listen to music, dance together, laugh together, eat together."

"But we never shared another carrot." Bounce and jump, "Do you want to eat carrots with me?"

Jump up and cheer up: "You want your idea is so good, so beautiful!"

Jump quickly into the kitchen, give yourself a plate of carrots.

Two good friends sitting at the table, the good idea, let them get excited.

Jumping a carrot in the air ...

Long tongue like lightning, "wind" to catch the carrots of the.

“No, no way to eat,” said the bounce. “You see how I eat.

Bounce with a hard large board "Kacha Kacha", bite the carrots into a small piece of a small piece.

"But I have no teeth!" Jumped up and said to open your mouth and bouncing. Nobody has a tooth in their mouth.

Bounce to jump a little more carefully, specially to see the tongue pulled out.

He didn't see a tiny tooth in his jumping mouth.

Jumped for a moment and said, “There is a way! I gnawed the carrots into small pieces and you swallowed the pieces.

"It's so nice to be nice!"

Now two good friends can eat carrots together. "Wow, it's delicious!"

But jump, but nothing to say, his face suddenly turned pale.

"Oh, my belly!" Shouted and then transferred to the couch. (It doesn't look that good!)

“Do you like that carrot?” Bounces and asked in amazement. He would think today's carrots are particularly tasty, extra sweet, extra brittle

"No ......." jumping, groaning.

Jumped for a moment (in the two good friends, his mind turned to be faster), and then jumped and said, "Well, tomorrow we fly better eat now I'll go get you some medicine, so that your stomach better quickly.

the stomach was jumping pain in the middle of the night, jump on his side, give him water, help him rub his stomach.

Approaching the morning when the jump finally fell asleep, jump too tired to fall asleep jump to fall.