How to draw a streamlined car

Draw a car | Vehicle hits of the kids

I'm a boy mom ... and yes, my boys really love vehicles. Cars, excavators, fire engines, it doesn't matter, the main thing is that the wheels are on and, best of all, loud. In disbelief, I watch as the Lütte, who is now a year old, grabs his brother's cars, pushes them over the floor with his fat hand, and he says a happy “Ummm”.

Well, and since it is well known that the parties should be celebrated as they happen, I am now practicing drawing vehicles for my boys. Because what comes of my big one when we paint together? "Mom, how do you draw a car?"

So today I brought a few car drawing instructions for you. And of course, all of the vehicle drawing instructions are step-by-step so that even those of us who have no talent for drawing can impress their boys with top-notch cars. You can really draw an easy car. Take a look!

So we want to draw a car. And in really cool. That's how it looks! And every mom can do that. Below are the steps and then again the cars for the little ones - in other words: even simpler alternatives. But this is something, isn't it?

That's how it's done:

So the white Combi upstairs is already chic, isn't it? But okay okay, I can already hear that one or the other mom doesn't dare to do it. So here are a couple of even easier ways to draw a car.

So, now please go to the pen and start drawing and then show your little one or paint it in advance. Have fun!

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