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WhatsApp drops support for Symbian, app to stop working on Dec 31 Comments

after the six months delay, on 30 June the end is coming. : sad:
I hope for another delay but don't really expect.

So I started tryng Nimbuzz on my S60 and it works, it has even calls (well, I can call androids but can't receive by now, odd problem). Just misses the pc / web client, and too crowded options inside the app, but I think i'll switch to it after June 30.

After Fring shut down, icq and xms (eBuddy) aren't availble on the Opera store for my symbian non-touch (there are java versions but seem for touch only?), I don't know any alternative. Any other hint?

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Why whatsapp is stopping their service only for symbian os? it's wrong i never spport whatsapp to do it

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Why whatsapp is stopping their service only for symbian os? it's not right i never spport whatsapp to do it

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n86 lover, 15 Nov 2016 time is running out for our beloved symbian, so anyone has found a solution? Any news from Dr ... more Why dont you try "Kik Messenger" ?, it is cross platform and available on Applist for Symbian

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time is running out for our beloved symbian, so anyone has found a solution?
Any news from Dr.Danger or EricLovesSymbian?

Meanwhile I'm looking into alternatives, but I don't know which is going on supporting actually.
By now seems that the most known:
Fring has no more the download available for symbian.
Line only for Asha (S40?), Quite strange ...
Nimbuzz still available everywhere.
Wechat still available on ovi / opera store but not on its own website.
Viber not for S60 3rd, for others download broken?
Any other?

I found on the store some new, but if thy are only for symbian they are useless now:
Frim, avilable also for apple and android, but never heard before.
Messenger-Mobile by S&I Creatives that promises to continue support, but couldnt find if there is on other platforms, anyone knows?
another "Messenger" by Olala dev never heard ...
ICQ for symbian still multiplatform ...

Which is known to continue support (and diffuse)?
Hope nimbuzz will, because is the only i already know.
Any other suggestion?

here a list on wikipedia (outdated?):

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Oh, so sad

Nimbuzz is a nice alternative to Whatsapp. It even supports voice calls.

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please don't do this

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It is ironic that supporting Symbian was the main reason why Whatsapp was more successful than many other apps that had more features back in the time.

My Whatsapp don't want to work again, I don't know what to do anymore

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Why they stop, couldn't they just not upgrade and not add new features but continue going as is now (already missing calls)?

I bougth two used N86 (one for spare parts) and i love their physical keyboard, the one hand / no need to look usability, and lastly the slide form factor and the small size.

To EricLovesSimbian and all the other symbian lovers, what is a good alternative messenger to migrate, with continuing support? I found some on the opera (ex ovi) store, the most known is WeChat, but there are others too. And I remember time ago i tried Fring that had even videocalls.
Eric, I think you'd better spend your money for keeping alive whatsapp servers for nokia, cheaper and better chance of success, if any.
And maybe launch a public petition.

Please let us know the development here, I put this thread in favorites.

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I still using n79 WhatsApp.evrymonthly it's getting update. Last week I got pop-up message about this.but I will use it until December.i lyk this phone very much.only 10 15 mins charge full day battery.nice FM transmitter, tv out, etc.throw no need to worry. After I am buying new Nokia (hoping)

I'm using Nokia X7-00 since 2012 with Nokia Belle Refresh.what a phone.working perfect.never slow this device.but time to go to Android and my X7 will sleep in my cupboard forever ...

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still working on BlackBerry and updates every month in BlackBerry World

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Windows phone your next

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I used Whatsapp in my Symbian phones to connect with my loved ones. Ahhh that was a nice memory. Thank you very much, Whatsapp.

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Currently im using Android Phone but the continuous support from Whatsapp in those days is highly appreciated.

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Anonymous, 12 Jul 2016SMS? Whats That? Just Joking: DI still rely on sms even though I use WhatsApp and other social media.