Holic suffix means someone who

-is German)

Part of speech: suffix

-is, Plural: -is | th
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ɪst]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Word formation element of masculine nouns with the meaning of exercising an activity or a profession, according to the noun + pattern -is
2) Word formation element of masculine nouns with the meaning of belonging to an intellectual or cultural current, mostly in combination with foreign language stems
3) Word formation element of masculine nouns with the meaning of belonging to a certain group, mostly in combination with foreign-language word stems
1) -er
Female word forms:
Application examples:
1) He's a warehouseis in a large company.
2) In his youth he was staunch socialis.
3) Bears are food generalare. They eat everything from moose to insects to berries, honey and grass.
Derived words:
see also:Thesaurus: -ist
1) Chronicler, humorist, gallery owner, cabaret artist, warehouse clerk, machinist, policeman
1) Names for musicians:Bassist, cellist, bassoonist, flutist, harpist, horn player, clarinetist, organist, pianist, saxophonist, soloist, tuba player
2) Chauvinist, fundamentalist, impressionist, capitalist, communist, racist, socialist
3) Finalist, generalist, cavalryman, coup leader, specialist


  • English: -is
  • French: -ist

Similar terms:
is, eats

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police officer: ... and is a regression to the police by replacing the suffix -ei with the suffix -is Feminine forms: 1) Policewoman Synonyms: 1) Police officer ...

composer: Century attested; Deriving from the stem of the verb to compose with the derivative -is synonyms: 1) tone composer, tone poet Opposite words: 1) interpreter, singer Superordinate terms: 1) artist, music Examples of use: 1) Mozart and Beethoven were well-known composers

Pseudolist: ... Derivation from the stem of the noun pseudolism with the derivative (derivative morpheme) - is application examples: 1) "This includes the knowledge of the pseudolist about ...

Islamist: ... Derivation of an adjective for the noun Islam with the derivative morphemes -is and -isch Opposite words: 1) anti-Islamic superordinate terms: 1) ...

Consumerist: ... someone who suffers from a consumption addiction Origin of the term: of consumption and the ending -is analogous to words like morphinist Opposite words: activist Superordinate terms: ...

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