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Poker king Strassmann († 29) died in a drug intoxication | Are so dangerous
Magic mushrooms

Poker king Johannes Strassmann († 29) fell into a river in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the end of June and drowned. The autopsy now revealed that he had taken drugs. Police spokeswoman Nataša Pučko to BILD: "In his body fluids, ingredients have been detected that are contained in prohibited drugs." The police do not want to reveal which substances are actually involved. The presumption: drug mushrooms. According to an eyewitness, Strassmann is said to have consumed magic mushrooms.

How dangerous can the “magic mushrooms” be? What do they trigger in the psyche? Prof. Rainer Thomasius, Medical Director of the German Center for Addiction Issues in Children and Adolescents at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, explains the hallucinogenic mushrooms for BILD.

What are magic mushrooms?

There are two types of hallucinogenic mushrooms:

Most commonare small mushrooms with the ingredient psilocybinwhich works in a similar way to LSD. Usually three to eight mushrooms (costs approx. 15 euros) are eaten at once and the effect lasts for three to six hours - depending on how sensitive you are. There is an expansion of consciousness, i. H. The experience of time, the environment and also your own person change dreamlike - z. B. one has the feeling of being able to fly. The consumer seems disoriented. Colors, tones and noises appear brighter or more intense, surfaces and objects seem to change shape, color and texture.

Prof. Thomasius: “Every intoxication is accompanied by panic, which is not pleasant. And the feelings of happiness are not calculable, it can turn into depression at any time. "

Atypical hallucinogens are particularly dangerous, z. B. Toadstools and nightshade plants such as thorn apple or angel's trumpet. They contain so-called alkaloids, which have a very strong effect on the vegetative nervous system, cloud consciousness and cause disorientation. The consumer often no longer recognizes himself. In extreme cases, it leads to unconsciousness and a coma with respiratory paralysis, which can lead to death.

Prof. Thomasius: “Remember: you never know how much active ingredient is really contained in the mushrooms that you buy on the Internet or on the street. And nobody knows how their nervous system reacts to it. The risk is and will remain incalculable! "

How dangerous are magic mushrooms?

Prof. Thomasius: “Very! They shouldn't be underestimated. Because apart from the accidents that occur more frequently under the influence of drug mushrooms, both types of mushrooms can lead to horror trips and flashbacks, which in the best case will disappear again after a few hours or days. However, if you are susceptible, the consumption of mushrooms can also trigger permanent psychoses, so you literally remain 'stuck on the trip'. "

The use of magic mushrooms is not widespread in Germany and there is no dependence on taking them. Mostly it is consumers who already have experience with cannabis and / or amphetamines who want to 'try out' mushrooms, explains Thomasius.

Yet: "On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being a particularly dangerous drug, I would rate toadstools & Co. as an 8, and mushrooms containing psilocybin as a 5," warns the expert.