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The correct order of the “Step Up” films

The “Step Up” film series caused enthusiasm, especially among young audiences. But in what order should the six films be viewed?

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A phenomenal success story began in 2006: With “Step Up”, a dance film came into the cinemas that delighted young people like seldom a dance film in previous years. The series now comprises a total of six films and one series. So the legitimate question arises as to the order in which the entries in the “Step Up” dance universe should be viewed.

All “Step Up” films in chronological order

The “Step Up” series currently comprises five main films, a spin-off and a series. It is advisable to watch the "Step Up" films in the order of their release date. Most of the “Step Up” films are only loosely linked to one another. Since every film is equipped with new central characters and begins with a fresh plot, the films can therefore be enjoyed largely independently of the actual order.

The "Step Up" order: "Step Up"

It all started with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in 2006. Tatum played the young rebel and criminal Tyler, who breaks into a school with his friends and causes tremendous damage. As punishment for his vandalism, Tyler is required to do community hours and repair the damage done. He gets to know the dancer Nora (Dewan), whose dance partner is canceled. Tyler offers himself and surprises with his talent.

"Step Up to the Streets"

The success of the first part resulted in a sequel just two years after the original. In “Step Up to the Streets” the audience gets to know new characters, but they could also look forward to a short reunion with Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum). This time, the focus of the plot is Andie (Briana Evigan) and not Tyler and Nora.

After her parents' death, Andie lives with Sarah, her mother's best friend. Andie doesn't know what to do with school, instead she prefers to dance with the 410 street crew. Her friend Tyler Gage tries to convince her to introduce herself to the Maryland School of the Arts, but the director is not entirely sure whether Andie is fits the school.

The "Step Up" order: "Step Up 3D"

In 2010, 3D was right on trend. That's why there was also “Step Up” in 3D - and fittingly with the third part. It's about a group of young street dancers from New York City who team up with NYU freshman Moose to compete against the world's best hip-hop dancers. Suddenly everything is at stake for the street dancers because if they prove themselves it could radically change their lives.

"Step Up - Miami Heat"

What in German is the heat of Miami was originally sold as a "revolution". The fourth part of the “Step Up” series is not as revolutionary as it promises. “Step Up - Revolution” or “Step Up - Miami Heat” is again about a dancer who fall in love with each other. But neither the romance nor their business idea The mob are under a lucky star when a businessman shows up and declares war on them.

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"Step Up: All In"

The "All In" follows the revolution. “Step Up - Miami Heat” and “Step Up All In” are more closely linked than was the case with their predecessors. Because Sean (Ryan Guzman) is pursuing the idea The mob from Miami to L.A. Unfortunately not particularly successful at first. His dance crew travels back while he decides to stay. When he hears about a competition in Las Vegas, he puts together a new crew - and asks his old friend Moose for help.

"Step Up: High Water" (series)

In 2018 the “Step Up” series went into series production for the first time. The currently two-season series "Step Up: High Water" has the twins Tal and Janelle as protagonists. They move from Ohio to Atlanta, where they attend a school where there is a noticeable amount of dancing. Accordingly, the series breaks out of the concept of the film series a little for the first time, although familiar elements can of course be found again.

"Step Up China" / "Step Up: Year of the Dance"

This film is traded as a spin-off of the “Step Up” series and can be found under both titles. For the first time the story ends up out of the USA and straight to China. The content of the film sounds familiar to us: young people from different social classes in Beijing meet to form a dance crew. They also learn what it really means to be a family.

The "Step Up" Order: The Future of the Franchise

Apart from the adaptation of the series for the Chinese market, the “Step up” series ended in 2014 with “Step Up: All In”. A continuation of the series is currently not planned and is unlikely in view of the sharp drop in box office earnings over the course of the series. While “Step Up” grossed around 114.2 million US dollars worldwide in 2006, “Step Up: All in” only brought in 86 million US dollars. It was even more dramatic in the US market. From around 65 million US dollars, it has dropped to just under 15 million US dollars over the years.

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