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Hello Mr. Becker,
after a week with my Solaris DAC, I'd love to give you feedback. But first one more thing ... >>> Hello Mr. Becker,
after a week with my Solaris DAC, I'd love to give you feedback. First of all, thank you very much again for the effort you and your team have put in to get the Solaris ready for me before the Easter weekend. The fact that I was able to pick him up from you personally was very accommodating.
After I successfully escaped all the Easter traffic chaos on Maundy Thursday, the Solaris was immediately placed in its new place in the rack. My old Auralic Taurus had to clear it beforehand, after giving me a lot of pleasure for a few years and powering my Audeze LCD 3 well. Actually I didn't miss anything either, but how it is with our hobby. The pursuit of improvement is part of the appeal. However, I deviated a little from my tried and tested method for the Solaris DAC. Normally, a decision such as purchasing an essential part of the playback chain is only made after listening comparisons. Since this is of course not comparable with a product like the Solaris and a manufacturing company like Audiovalve, as with the more widely used mass-produced goods in the hi-fi sector, this was associated with a little nervousness and a leap of faith. The personal meeting at the North German Hifi Days this year allayed any concerns. The very good support and the nice way my questions were professionally answered gave a coherent picture with the short hearing test, which was confirmed by the reporting in magazines and comments from users online.
After I put the device into operation a few hours after arrival, the tension was of course high. Months of research, thinking before ordering and the then necessary waiting time for completion stimulated the imagination. Since I started my personal path up to the Olympus of good sound 5 years ago, this is the first device replacement in my small system. The daily dose of music via headphones has been part of my life ever since and has enriched me. The small steps of tuning in the last few years should now be taken a bigger step. They told me I should plan around 100 hours of break-in time. Really now? I let the first songs run and the box started like the devil. Should that get better over time? I will take it from you immediately, of course, but I will not examine it. The presentation of the musical details in all frequency ranges was too impressive. The great, deep and richly provided with information bass which lays the basis for the timbre-rich mid-range with nice punch. So far I have never experienced such a springy, tight and superb keynote in my system. The emotions triggered by the voices and, above all, natural instruments let me freeze in amazement for the first few hours. You will therefore forgive me for not emulating Mr. Böde and running Malvia 37 times a day to give a professional assessment. I indulge in my favorites of jazz, folk, pop, classical. ACT, ECM, Chesky, Stockfisch, in the first few hours I stay with high-quality recordings that are well known to me, all of which are reproduced better than ever before. I go to bed far too late very satisfied.
On day 2 and a somewhat short night, the other questions should then be clarified. That the sun rises with the Solaris when the recordings are good was proven to me very impressively. But my collection and my music tastes also include albums with poorer recording quality. And then came the initial disenchantment when I was listening to some of my beloved blues records. Small, flat stage, little esprit, little goose bumps. None of the fault of the Solaris, I already knew the differences in the sound quality, but after the excessive feasting in the best recordings from last evening, the differences that the Solaris presented to me were much clearer than I was used to. But since I'm not one of the people who only choose music based on the recording quality, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. So clear your head and answer it openly. After I stopped looking for things that weren't there, but dealt with what the albums had to offer, the attitude changed quickly. The Solaris showed me more of the artist's music and intention on these albums and suddenly it was all the more exciting to listen to these things afterwards. I now feel more and more often than when I am sitting in the studio and listening to the music as the artist and sound engineer wanted it to be. Closer to the truth of the recording because everything is presented much more naturally and with better division and differentiation. The smallest details and shades are reproduced effortlessly and without going into exhausting or nervous endings. I thought I wasn't an analytical listener. Well, it just depends on how well the whole thing is made audible. This amount of information and emotions make me enjoy the music even more than before.
That left only the last open question for me. Is the Solaris a rocker? A large part of my collection is taken up by the music that is close to my heart, metal. So starting with light fare from Dio, Gotthard to some Priest and Maiden to 'tallica, Slayer, Kreator. Everything is reproduced with great dedication. The distorted guitars, the bubbling bass, the driving double bass drums, the fast cymbals and the different voices are represented with power, color and an astonishing amount of space between the instruments. Nothing goes under, everything is presented equally and harmoniously. Most of the time I stand with my air guitar drawn and my fist clenched. Unfortunately, the Audeze doesn't allow headbanging, but that would be too much of a good thing. Wow, well, finally the rough stuff, Old School Swedish Death Metal, Hardcore from the 80s (DRI anybody?), Noisecore, and Ernst Mosch with his original Egerländer (nothing in my collection was a present, it's more hardcore than that ). The Solaris shows me exactly what is on the record every time and always leaves me stunned. Some things, especially on the poorer recordings, only make sense if you hear them with enough resolution. This also answers the final question based on the legendary Lemmy Kilmister: I am Solaris and I Play Rock'n Roll!

In conclusion, I can only congratulate and thank you. The Solaris is a great addition to my system. All further future changes will move around him as he is the new center. I can't say where exactly I am on my way to the Olympus of good sound, but honestly, if you enjoy such a great view as I am right now, it doesn't matter how short or far the way is , stay and enjoy.
And if you complain because my feedback is so long then I'm not sorry because it's your fault. What do they build and sell me such a great headphone amplifier.
And now I have to pull out the air guitar again, it seems that another battle must be fought against the irrelevant taste in music from Radio RTL 89.0.

With a highly emotional greeting
Axel F. <<<