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Shane Owens - Where I'm Comin 'From

After two label bankruptcies, Shane Owens follows in big footsteps with "Where I'm Comin 'From".

All good things come in threes. Shane Owens thought so too. The Alabama-born singer starts his third attempt in the country business with "Where I'm Comin 'From". "That this new project exists borders on a small miracle," he says. With his little miracle, Owens - supported by well-known country insiders - delivers the best traditional country as well as songs with heart and story.

Shane Owen's long road to happiness

Review: For more than a decade, Shane Owens, who should not be confused with 19-year-old Shane Owens from Ireland, who is also country singing, played in clubs in the southeastern United States, slowly built up a fan base and shared the stage in the 2000s with stars like Hank Williams Jr., George Jones, Merle Haggard and Kenny Chesney. No wonder that the record industry became aware of the singer and songwriter: The first offered him the recording of individual songs, but not an album of his own - an offer that Owens declined.

A second label approached him in 2005; there Shane Owens released his first album "Let's Get On It" in 2005 - but then his record company was closed. The same happened to the third label - Owens' album, produced by James Stroud (Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, among others) was already finished when this record company had to file for bankruptcy.

"Where I'm Comin 'From" - eleven songs for lovers of traditional country music

Many artists would have given up after these setbacks. Not so Shane Owens. The man in the cowboy hat secured ownership of the recorded songs, which, together with new material, now form the basis for "Where I'm Comin 'From". "I see myself as a fighter for traditional country music," he says, adding, "I'm country, and I can't be anything else." In the eleven songs on his new album, Owens places just as much emphasis on traditional instruments, phrasing and themes as home and love.

The long player opens with the mid-tempo number "Where I'm Comin 'From", in which Owen's baritone brings back memories of country musician Easton Corbin. This is followed by the fiddle-backed ballad "All The Beer in Alabama", before the love song "Country Boy Can" picks up the pace again.

For "Where I'm Comin 'From" Shane Owens received high praise

Shane Owens also occasionally recalls country classics in other songs of the highly varied work - for example George Strait in "Country Never Goes Out of Style". "Shane's song" Country Never Goes Out of Style "is a simple and perfect description of country life and country music," says Country Music Hall of Fame member Randy Travis, who was also executive producer on the long player.

With "God & The Ground She Walked On" and the "Alcohol of Fame" reminiscent of Joe Nichols, Shane Owens also devotes himself to original country themes. But the country singer also delivers songs with a twinkle in his eye, such as the funny up-tempo duet "Chicken Truck" with John Anderson and the witty "Nashville You Ain't Hollywood" - always underlined by his impressive, rough and melodious voice. The political ballad "19" and an extended version of the opener "Where I'm Comin 'From" conclude the album of the same name.

Randy Travis: "Shane Owens has it all: vocals, writing, performance and passion. I am happy to pass the baton on to him."

Conclusion: Traditional Country is back: Shane Owens follows in the footsteps of Randy Travis, Alan Jackson and George Strait with "Where I'm Comin 'From". Reason enough for the American Rolling Stone to include Shane Owens in the list of "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know".

Label: Amerimonte (H'art)Release date: December 9th, 2016