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Marley Rose is a student of William McKinley High School. She dives in for the first time The new and the old Rachel on. Her mother, Millie Rose, is the new cook at school, which is why she is often bullied by the other students. Furthermore, her family is poor. Poverty, lack of self-confidence and the fact that her mother struggled with her weight has left Marley isolated and unaccepted in her previous schools, which is changing thanks to the Glee Club.

She dares in Sweet Dreams even telling the others that she writes songs herself, whereupon Mr. Schuester even decides to sing one of her songs with the Regionals.

Her best friend is Unique Adams. Her first friend was Jake, with whom she was up The End of Twerk was together until she found out about his affair with Bree and broke up with him as a result.

In Homecoming it is revealed that Sue sent her to another school after the Glee Club was dissolved.

Marley Rose is from Melissa Benoist shown.


All that is known of Marley's family is that her mother works in the kitchen and that they are very poor. It is mentioned that prior to McKinley, she attended another school where she had no friends.

Season four

In The new and the old Rachel will not be introduced to Marley until New Directions finalized the results for the new Rachel to discuss. She explains that she is in 10th grade and wants to come to audition. While Unique avoids risking her popularity, Kitty and others come and take a seat. You start making insulting jokes about the new cook's weight. The New Directions are uncomfortable, but Artie wants to impress Kitty and joins in. Marley hears from the next table

come over and frown. She goes back to the kitchen and watches her mother, the cook, sew a skirt. Marley would like to wear this when auditioning. Her mother sews a designer label onto the skirt so that you don't notice that the skirt comes from a thrift store. Marley is concerned about not getting into the group, but her mother says she has magic down her throat. She also adds that she should drive off after school and they can meet afterwards. So that Marley is not humiliated, she wants to drive her daughter home camouflaged without the other students getting sore that the cook is their mother. Marley's audition for New Directions is from Barbara StreisandNew York State of Mind. On the same day, Rachel also has her audition at NYADA and they sing the song in a duet. Most of the New Direction members are impressed, with Unique, Tina, Blaine, and Brittany feeling threatened. Later, Marley crosses the hall to the bulletin board and finds that she is the only new one who has been accepted, as she walks past Jake. After the group takes her in, Sugar says

Compliments on Marley's sweater. When Marley tells her she bought this from J Crew, Sugar glances up and is confused. Her mother is delighted and encouraged by telling about Rachel who made it to Broadway. But Marley would rather be a radio singer. Her mother laughs and tells her to use the Glee Club to achieve her goal. Marley tells her that the group makes fun of her and that she doesn't feel good about it because it's her mother. The mother replies that they are teenagers. Since Marley had no friends at last school because they are "poor", her mother thinks it is better that the other students do not find out that the cook is Marley's mother. She adds that one day Marley will be seated at the "popular table".

At lunch, the New Directions make fun of the cook again, whereupon Marley defends her mother, tells the members that she is their mother and leaves the club with tears in her eyes. Sam finds Marley and tells her about his family, who are also poor. Then the New Directions come and apologize. Marley is invited to be the lead on the song Chasing Pavements to be. As she sings, she sees Jake and smiles at him before he leaves. The episode ends with them praising Marley and her performance.

InBritney 2.0 you can see her smiling at Jake, who is talking to Tina. She is approached by Unique who makes it clear that they should be friends. She asks Marley if she's gazed at Jake and Marley says she likes him. Unique warns her and says that he looks at a lot of girls in school and runs after them, then the song becomes Womanizer performs. While Unique, Marley, Tina and the girls from the gymnastics squad perform the song, they are watched by Jake. After the song, Jake says that he and Marley will do something mean at some point

should do. Marley agrees, although Unique and Tina are against it. When Jake visits Marley in the stands, she tells him that the other girls told her not to trust him. He asks if she believes them, to which she replies and says that she believes Jake was hurt. She confides in him that at the other schools she always tried to be someone else, but only now does she feel that she can be who she is here. When Jake makes fun of them for having Britney Spears weeks, Marley tells him he hasn't heard her version of the song yet. they sing Crazy / (You Drive Me) Crazy

. Marley suddenly says she is cold. Jake gives her his leather jacket and walks away grinning. Mrs. Rose is teased by two students during her lunch break, Marley yells at her and says that she is their mom. As they continue to mock Mrs. Rose, Jake comes over and tells them to apologize. When they disobey, Jake beats them, but is interrupted by Will.

Soon after, Jake also visits the Clee Club and asks Marley if he can sit next to her. They talk to each other and she realizes that she still has his jacket on. Jake tells her to keep it, but Kitty overhears her and says she wants to wear it because he's her boyfriend. She is sad about it, but says that they are a nice couple and gives Kitty the jacket. Injured by Jake and Kitty's relationship, she sings Everytime at the Glee Club. The episode ends with Jake Kitty serenading on the soccer field.

In When the muse doesn't kiss Marley is seen saying hello to Blaine quickly during the song Everybody Wants to Rule the World. She is in the choir room with the other members and is seen when Brittany / Artie and Blaine / Sam decide the presidential debate. She also appears as Blaine / Sam celebrate their victory, but otherwise she doesn't play an essential role in this episode.

In Is separation the death of love? Jake notices the many lunch tickets in Marley's pockets and later tells her that he has them too, as his mother is fighting the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Blaine and Brittany watch their conversation and describe it as "young love". Kitty later invites all of the Glee kids to a "Left behind Club" Ascension meeting. Jake apologizes to Marley because this is how it all turned out. Marley asks him, because he's half-Jewish, if he can swim in the sky at half speed. At the celebration, Tina's assistant, who doesn't believe in God, is tricked. She is told to leave the room. When she comes back, everyone has disappeared from the room, but left some clothes there to make it look like everyone except the assistant went to heaven, which leads her to an absolute nervous breakdown. When Marley sees the fake Kitty Ascension scene, she is very upset. She tells Jake that she doesn't like Kitty and that she doesn't understand what he is seeing in her. Marley is next seen at New Directions. Jake later apologizes for Kitty's wrong game. Marley says she doesn't understand why he's with Kitty. She sees that he doesn't care what people think of him, but he is still desperate and so meets with Kitty, who is popular. Kitty overhears their conversation and insults both Marley and her mother about their weight. Jake tells her not to, and separates from her in front of Marley's eyes.

In The role that was intended for you Marley is in the girls' bathroom when Wade walks in. She points out to him that he is not allowed to go to the girls' bathroom, but he can calm her down. Then she asks him how excited he is about the Grease audition and tells him that she would like to play Sandy. When Wade tells her that he likes to play Rizzo but won't audition for fear of being a joke, she encourages him that Artie and the others know about his transsexuality and will definitely get a chance. Sue comes out of a toilet cubicle and insults the two of them before she tells him that there is no way she will allow him to play Rizzo. During this, she uses Marley's make-up kit, which is why she wants to say something several times, but leaves it. When Sue finished her monologue, my Marley to her that they don't care what she says and that she will definitely audition with Wade. She grabs her stuff and leaves the toilet with Wade. Then starts Blow Me (One Last Kiss), which Marley and Wade, who sings as Unique, use for their audition. The jury is enthusiastic and wants to know afterwards which roles they are auditioning for. Marley tells them and is then at their locker, where Ryder Lynn approaches them. He introduces himself, but she replies that she already knows him from a football game. When she introduces herself, he already knows who she is, because her mother always gives him extra meatballs on spaghetti day,

whereupon Marley says that she must like him really well then. Ryder explains that Finn told him she auditioned for Sandy and he thought that since he applied for Danny, if they should work together, he'll introduce himself to her. The whole thing is observed by Jake, who is also applying and auditioning with Kitty. Marley comes into the auditorium and watches her performance with mixed feelings. There is a callback between her and Kitty, as well as Jake and Ryder, as they have all auditioned for the leading roles. Here she performs with them Born to Hand Jive but is repeatedly sabotaged by her rival. Nevertheless, she manages to bring the performance to the stage safely and then hugs Ryder. When the list of roles is posted, she realizes that she has got the role of Sandy and is overjoyed. Kitty, pissed off about it, knocks her out by pulling on her weight.

In Glease plays Marley in the musical Grease. However, Kitty sews Marley's dress tighter and tighter and advises Marley to stick her finger down her throat to induce artificial vomiting. This unsettles Marley. Towards the end of the episode, she takes refuge in the bathroom to actually throw up. However, Ryder follows her and stops her. He tells her a story about a friend who did something similar and then embarrassed himself in front of the entire school. She then sings Look At Me, I'm Sandra Deewhere you realize

that her body is beautiful, which is why she dares to go on stage and put on a good musical. There she performs with the cast You're The One That I Want and is then in the choir room when Artie reads them the positive reviews about it, which was partly due to her good play with Ryder.

In Dynamic duets Marley sings with KittyHolding Out For a Hero. Initially, she is reluctant to wear a skin-tight wetsuit because her self-confidence has decreased after the musical, but then she signs one WF costume, which means something like "Wall Flower", so