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Sunday morning, sleepy, so just bake some bread 🙂
With our new purchase of the Petromax Loaf Pan K4, we absolutely had to try it out….
The result ... look:

The list of ingredients:
500g wholemeal spelled flour
0.5L warm water
100g grains (e.g. sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds)
1 fresh cube of yeast or a packet of dry yeast
2 tbsp apple, pear or white basal vinegar
2 teaspoons of salt

The preparation:
Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and let them stir for a good 15 minutes.
(Don't be alarmed, the dough is pretty runny, but that's intentional!)

Meanwhile you bring 20 briquettes to glow.
Now rub the mold or baking pan with oil, or spray it with separating grease, which is available in every major discount store.
Now the dough comes into the mold and is allowed to rest a little longer.

When the briquettes are fully heated, place 10 briquettes under the mold (with the K4 you have to use a fireproof trivet because it has no feet), place the mold on top and place 10 briquettes on the lid of the mold.

For baking in the oven, put the pan in the cold oven! and heats it to 200 ° C with top and bottom heat.
The form now remains on the briquettes or in the oven for 50 minutes.
After 50 minutes you prick the bread with a wooden skewer to see if it is ready. If there is no dough on the skewer after pulling out = done 🙂
Then take the bread out of the mold to cool and enjoy 🙂

As always:

HAVE FUN recreating 😉

I like it:

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