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The funniest band ever

The waiting time is over, Guns N'Roses will release their album "Chinese Democracy" after all. Since 1994, band boss and singer Axl Rose has been working on it with constantly changing musicians, wearing out various producers, employing hordes of lawyers, causing costs of around 16 million dollars and robbing his record company of the last nerve. After all, he had a noble goal: to record the best album of all time.

Rose's annual announcement that the publication of "Chinese Democracy" was imminent regularly caused great laughs. But the punch line of the longest prepared joke in rock history is the album. "Chinese Democracy" has become completely irrelevant. Rose reliably undermines the high expectations and adorns his uninspired songs with breakbeats, Mediterranean acoustic guitar playing, Far Eastern and other things that are neither expected nor new or exciting. Even his squeaky voice, once the band's trademark, now sounds bland.

Unfortunately, not everyone will appreciate the joke, especially younger people ask: Who is this Axl Rose? In the early 80s Rose founded the band Guns N'Roses in Los Angeles, which debuted in 1986 with the work "Appetite For Destruction". In keeping with the album title, the band behaved excellently. The band built their reputation on women, drugs, fistfights, missed concerts and problematic hairdos. But with fame came Axl Rose's megalomania and his tendency to make mean jokes. Shortly after the simultaneous release of the double albums "Use Your Illusion I & II" in 1991, Rose announced out of the blue that Guns N'Roses would play industrial from now on. After another album called "The Spaghetti Incident" he soon disgusted all remaining members of the band.

Rose then staged himself as a mysterious, cosmopolitan great artist who tirelessly works on his musical heir. If he had never published "Chinese Democracy", Rose could have become a legend. But Rose is above all a humorist, he just can't leave out a good punchline.

Guns N'Roses "Chinese Democracy" is released by Universal