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Push notification: How to enable or disable the notifications on your smartphone

In this tip, we'll show you what push notifications are and how you can edit them.

Whether email, games or Facebook: Almost every mobile app asks permission after downloading it, to be able to independently send messages to your smartphone. The users of Android do not come to the so-called "Opt-in"And can only deactivate the notifications manually after the installation. In this tip we explain how push notifications work and how to use those annoying pop-ups Simply switch it off on Android and iOS can.

  • Push notifications were introduced in 2009 together with Apple's iOS 3 and iPhone 3GS, and Google has also been using the technology since 2010.
  • WhatsApp is the best known and most widely used push messaging service in the world.
  • With 47 percent, Brazil is the country with the highest approval rate (opt-in) for push messages worldwide. In Germany, on the other hand, only about 42 percent of users allow notifications through their smartphone or tablet apps.


1. What is a push notification?

Push messages are special messages in the form of small text notesthat are displayed directly on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, without having to open an extra app or software. The notifications contain essential information in abbreviated form, such as news, a live ticker, current information on the weather situation or the notification that it is time for daily training.

Too many push messages can have a negative impact on the battery consumption of your smartphone.

The app belonging to the message runs in the background and is required a permanent internet connectionthat it uses to continuously obtain new data. Under certain circumstances, this can also cause the Increase the cell phone's battery consumption.

The The advantage of the push technique is obvious: The messages only inform you about topics that you are really interested in and at the same time save you the hassle of fiddling with your smartphone, because they appear even when the key lock is activated. That makes the concept especially interesting for marketing strategies, because With push messages you can achieve far more entry and click rates than with an e-mail campaign, for example.

Good to know: On the desktop computer, push messages are primarily used to inform the user about news (e.g. new emails, completed tasks). On Windows, the windows usually pop up in the lower right corner, while on Macs they appear in the upper right corner.

In Windows 10, the push notifications are displayed in the lower right corner of the desktop.

2. How do push notifications work?

Basically are all computers and smartphones are able to use push notifications, they can even be sent and received via the browser. For mobile devices, however, is one Registration with the relevant service of the operating system manufacturer is a prerequisite. Owners of an Android device must register with the Firebase Cloud Messaging Service (FCM), while iOS users have to register with the Apple Push Notification Service (APN).

In order for a user to be able to receive push notifications, they need a so-called Opt-in(= express permission to receive messages) To give. This happens when you register with the service, which then receives a registration ID (under Android) or a token (on iOS) to the registered device.

If a push notification is now triggered, these are sent to all registration IDs or tokens of the respective service and distributed to the specified devices via APN and FCM.

Good to know: The Firebase Cloud Messaging Service replaces the former Google Cloud Messaging Service (GCM), which was shut down on April 11, 2019.

3. How to deactivate push notifications on your Android smartphone

3.1. Switch off push notifications for individual apps

Push messages can also quickly gain the upper hand with increasing numbers. If the many advertising and info pop-ups get on your biscuit at some point, you can You can also easily switch it off on Android.

  1. Call the Settings of your smartphone and select the item "Apps" out. (Note: With some mobile phones you will also find the option under the point "Applications“)
  2. Now choose the App from the list from which you no longer want to receive notifications in the future.
  3. Move the slider to "Notifications"(In the section"App settings“) To the left to deactivate the notifications.

Move the slider for "Show notifications" to the left to switch off the notifications for the selected app.

3.2. Deactivate push notifications directly

Alternatively, of course, you have the option of deactivate a push message as soon as it arrives.

  1. Tap the offending message and hold it down briefly (or slide it briefly to the right or left) until the notification options appear.
  2. Open the settings and move the slider next to "Notifications" to the left.
  3. The Notifications from the associated app are now permanently blocked.

Move the slider to the left to deactivate the push notification directly in the message.

Good to know: All notifications that were previously switched off can easily be reactivated in the opposite way using the corresponding controller.

4. Switch push notifications on and off on the iPhone

Also the IOS device users can be the annoying Put a stop to pop-up messages in just a few simple steps.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to the point "announcements“.
  2. Scroll down to the list of apps and select in turn those from whom you no longer wish to receive messages. You can also go here if needed individual notification variants Deactivate (e.g. banners or notices).
  3. To do this, tap on the respective app and move the slider to "Allow notifications" to the left.

The following YouTube video explains the procedure again clearly:

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Push notification: How to enable or disable the notifications on your smartphone
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