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Yugioh - The most sought-after reprints of the second half of the year

It's not easy as a Yugioh player. Meta decks terrorize the locals, banlists destroy entire decks and the more coveted cards are priceless anyway. Many players therefore switch to rogue decks in the hope that they will have something from their decks for as long as possible, even if they cannot climb the summit of the tournament Olympus. But even someone who cannot or does not want to invest so much money in this hobby wants to invest every now and then and treat himself to a really good card, only: when is the right time for it?

Maybe the card will soon be on one Banlist and may no longer be played? Or will it be reprinted soon, so that I've invested far too much in a card that I'll soon get thrown out? Konami isn't much of a help here either, because content from Boosters, Structure decks or Tin boxes are mostly kept secret until the products actually appear. So when it comes to forward-looking financial management, it's a real nightmare.

So today I would like to talk about three cards that have haunted some decks for a long time. These are popular and very expensive cards that will be reprinted in the next few months or have recently received, which is good for the price or less good for the seller.

Pot of Extravaganza

Effects that let you draw cards from the deck are powerful and popular. since pot of greed, which will probably remain forbidden forever, this effect is always linked to certain conditions. Pot of Extravaganza now the new comrade is in a whole series of pot cards. Originally in Savage Strike Released as a Secret Rare, this card is now reprinted in the Toon chaos set receive. The special thing about it is that it comes in two rarity levels: with a lot of luck you will pull this card there in Ultra Rare and with absurd luck you will pull it in the new rarity level Collector‘s Rare. The price difference between these two versions is definitely three digits.

With their effect you can then draw up to two cards, but you have to banish cards from the extra deck accordingly. In this respect, this card is not a blanket for every deck: Decks that are heavily dependent on the extra deck, such as the new one Stone Liberator Deck, be on Pot of Extravaganza I would rather do without.

Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

This new fusion monster is the absolute plague. This card has been raging in the OCG since December and all hopes that we in the TCG will be spared from it for longer are now gone. With this year's Tin, the 2020 Tin of Lost Memories, which you can pre-order cheaply from us, this card will also find its way into the TCG. As far as I know, it is not yet known whether this card will then be included as a promo or whether it has to be drawn. Either way will Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon (whose name is not yet official, by the way) are certainly one of the most coveted cards of the year and another card will be directly affected by its release: Predatory plant Verte anaconda.

There Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon quite easy with Red-eyed fusion can be conjured up, the need for Verte anaconda will definitely increase, and with it its price, too. Red-eyed fusion This should not be an exception, but since you can get them in Common, the price increase should be immense in percentage terms, but only amount to a small amount overall.

The 2020 Tin of Lost Memories will be cards from Savage Strike, by the way, Rising rampage, Dark Neostorm and Chaos Impact include. As usual, a card list is not yet known, the hope of a reprint of the popular Link monster I: P Maskerena but has not yet been smashed.

Apollousa, arch of the goddess

And finally, there is my very personal highlight. I've been fond of buying an Apollousa, the bow of the goddess, for a long time, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to invest 60 euros for it. That could possibly change in a few months.

We will publish this in early October Maximum gold set with the new rarity level Premium Gold Rare, which you are already using Low price guarantee can pre-order from us. This rarity was introduced in Japan last December with the Legendary Gold Box, which, by the way, also includes the one mentioned above Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon made its debut. In the form of the Maximum Gold Set, this rarity level is now also entering the TCG and brings us a reprint of Apollousa in the said rarity level. The Link Monster will also have an alternative artwork.

How this reprint will affect the price of the card is difficult to predict. On the one hand, reprints usually cause prices to drop, on the other hand it is quite conceivable that Apollousa, arch of the goddess is also very rare in the Maximum Gold Booster - it will definitely be coveted due to its effect, the new rarity and the alternative artwork.

Duel Overload has given us a slew of strong and meta-changing cards, but there's definitely more to come this year and the Duel Overload Box may be topped quite quickly. So let's look forward to an exciting second half of Yugioh!

Your Hyozan

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