How to use koleston special mix 011

Koleston Perfect instructions for use

Koleston instructions for use

Coloring with Koleston Perfect:

  • Wear suitable gloves.
  • Do not wash your hair.
  • Important: Do not use a metal bowl or stirrer.

1. Koleston Perfect mixing ratio:

Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Deep Browns are always mixed 1: 1, e.g. 60ml Koleston Perfect + 60ml Welloxon Perfect.
Darker / tone in tone / 1 tone lighter 6% (20 vol.)
For 2 tones lightening 9% (30 vol.)
For 3 tones, 12% lightening (40 vol.)

Special Blonde is always mixed 1: 2, e.g. 60 ml Koleston Perfect + 120 ml Welloxon Perfect.
For 3 tones lightening 9% (30 vol.)
For 4-5 tones lightening 12% (40 vol.)

Coloring white hair:
The addition of a Pure Naturals shade is necessary to achieve sufficient coverage.

30-50% white content + 1/3 Pure Naturals Nuance
50-100% white + 1/2 Pure Naturals Nuance
Vibrant Reds are mixed on hair with a white content of more than 50% with 2 parts Vibrant Reds and 1 part Pure Naturals, e.g. 1/2 tube Vibrant Reds + 1/4 tube Pure Naturals.

2. Koleston Perfect full dyeing darker / tone on tone

Immediately apply the color cream mixture from roots to tips.

3. Koleston Perfect full coloring with lightening

Step 1: Apply the color cream mixture only to the lengths and tips. Leave approx. 2 cm free from the base.
Step 2: Apply the color cream mixture to the roots.
Tip: To increase the luminosity in the lengths and tips, choose Welloxon Perfect one level higher than at the base.

4. Koleston Perfect root staining

First apply the color cream mixture to the regrown hairline. Start applying where the gray portion is highest. In the case of a lighter color, start where the strongest lightening is required.
Tip: Apply more of the color cream mixture for a lighter color than for a normal color.

5. Koleston Perfect length and tip compensation

If necessary, moisten the hair well with water after the exposure time (with special blonde with 100 ml) and emulsify the color in lengths and tips.
Other options for color balancing are Color Fresh Tinting Liquid and Perfecton Tonspülung.

6. Koleston Perfect Pastel Color

The prerequisite is even, bleached hair (1/2 tone lighter than the desired end result). It can also be used on untreated hair in a shade depth of 9/0 and lighter. To achieve beautiful, soft pastel nuances, we recommend the Koleston Perfect nuances 10/1, 10/03, 10/16, 10/3, 10/38, 10/8, 9/03, 9/16, 9/38, and 9/7. These are always mixed 1: 2 with Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%, e.g. 60 ml Koleston Perfect + 120 ml Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% color cream mixture immediately apply from the roots to the tip. Exposure time: Without warming up to 15 minutes.
Important: In order to achieve an even color result, the hair must be combed through every 5 minutes during the exposure time.

7. Koleston Perfect Special Mix and application areas

Intensification or correction of a nuance.

The Koleston Perfect Special Mix nuances are pure color nuances. The lighter the base tone, the less Special Mix is ​​added. Exceptions: tone depth 11 and 12. The mixing ratio is one part color cream (Koleston Perfect + Special Mix) mixed with 1 part Welloxon Perfect (e.g. 30 g Koleston Perfect + 2.5 g Special Mix + 32.5 Welloxon Perfect). In order to intensively emphasize individual strands or sections of the hair, Koleston Perfect Special Mix can be used pure with Welloxon Perfect. To achieve exceptionally brilliant color results, apply Special Mix to previously bleached hair.
Mixing ratio: 1: 1 for all Special Mix shades with the exception of 0/43, e.g. 30 ml Special Mix + 30 ml Welloxon Perfect, 1: 2 for Special Mix 0/43, e.g. 30 ml Special Mix + 60 ml Welloxon Perfect.

8. Koleston Perfect aftertreatment

After the application time has ended, emulsify the color cream with a little warm water and rinse well. Wash with Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo or SP Color Save Shampoo. Use Wella Professionals Color Post Treatment or SP Color Save Emulsion to neutralize oxidation residues and to stabilize the color.

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Warning notice:

Hair dyes can cause severe allergic reactions, so do not dye their hair if your client:

  • has a rash on your face.
  • or if the scalp is sensitive, irritated or injured.
  • has already noticed a reaction after dyeing hair.
  • has experienced a reaction to a temporary "black henna" tattoo in the past.

Please keep the outer packaging and the instructions for use in case of a reaction.

Important safety instructions:

1. Allergies can occur unexpectedly. A skin tolerance test should therefore be carried out 48 hours before each coloration, even if your customer has already used colorants. If no further instructions are available from the manufacturer, a skin tolerance test should be carried out as follows:
Mix in a small amount of the customer-selected color and developer fluid as described under mixing instructions. Apply this mixture in the crook of your arm to a cleaned, 1 cm² area and leave it to take effect for 48 hours uncovered / undisturbed. If redness and / or burning occurs, rinse immediately and do not use the product. Before a new hair coloration, the customer should consult a dermatologist. The absence of a reaction is no guarantee that no allergic reactions will occur during subsequent coloring. However, the test is an important precaution. In case of doubt, medical advice should be sought.

2. If during the application at your customer's

  • Itching, burning and / or redness occurs, rinse immediately and discontinue use as this may indicate a serious reaction. Do not dye the hair and ask the client to contact or see a doctor.
  • Rapidly spreading redness, dizziness or weakness, shortness of breath and / or swelling of the eye region / face occurs, rinse the product immediately, ask the customer to consult a doctor immediately and contact the manufacturer.


3. If your customer develops symptoms such as skin or scalp itching, skin or scalp reddening, swelling of the eyes / face, blistering and / or oozing of the skin / scalp after the application or in the following days, you should contact the customer immediately consult a doctor and contact the manufacturer.


  • Avoid contact with my eyes.
  • Rinse immediately with water if the product comes into contact with the eyes.
  • The product contains ingredients that can cause serious eye irritation or long-term eye injury.
  • If the developer or the color mixture gets into your eyes, rinse out immediately with lukewarm water and seek medical advice.
  • If the customer wears contact lenses during use and product gets in their eyes, first remove contact lenses, then rinse eyes with lukewarm water and seek medical advice.
  • Do not use to color eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Do not inhale or ingest the product.
  • Wear suitable gloves.
  • Avoid unnecessary skin contact.
  • Do not exceed the specified exposure time.
  • Rinse hair well after use.
  • Rinse off paint splashes on skin or clothing immediately.
  • Protect developer from exposure to heat and light.
  • Do not mix the product with other colorants.
  • Never leave the finished mixture in a closed bottle (the bottle can expand and burst).
  • Do not keep unused mixture residues.
  • Do not perm or straighten immediately before or after coloring.
  • Do not use if the hair has been previously colored with henna or metal salts.
  • Remove all metallic objects before coloring and do not use any during coloring.
  • Do not use metal tools to mix.
  • Heavy sweat can cause discoloration and partial discoloration.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

For commercial use only. Please read the safety instructions and follow the instructions for use. Important: This product is not intended for persons under 16 years of age.