What makes you beautiful Raecher parody lyrics

To you

That is the right one

Honey, I am so happy to know you and I love you more than my life. You are more valuable than anything else in the world, my darling, I love you more than anything in the world

if you asked me how long I still love you I could only say: I don't know because I don't know how long I'll live

loving you is an HONOR
to get you a BATTLE
to lose you an end of the world
IMPOSSIBLE to forget you

Would you be a tear from me
I would never cry
for fear of losing you
I cry out of fear of losing you, but I also cry out of gratitude because I have you ... I LOVE YOU

I've always wanted to tell you that when God created you, he lovingly put a piece of himself into you, he wanted you to be unique

two stars in the sky that shine on each other because one cannot live without the other they say to each other i love you one is you the other me
rather lose it all and have you than have it all and lose you

I'll say it briefly in one sentence you are my greatest treasure

I would love to be your cuddly toy, then I would lie next to you every night, would touch your skin and could feel your heartbeat

You're the one I've been looking for
You are the one that I carry on my hands forever.
Every day I start to love you more
With you, I float even higher than on cloud nine.
Funny how fast the time flies
From the first moment you turned my head

why i love you:

Because you are my great love
Because you always give me such sweet compliments
Because you are gentle with me
Because you are my heart thief
Because sometimes you don't take me very seriously
Because my heart beats faster when you're around
Because you like me for who I am
Because you are unique
Because you are incredibly hot
Because it's nice to touch you
Because I can have so much fun with you
Because you are my guardian angel
Because you're just doing me good
Because i'm crazy about you
Because my life is more exciting with you
Because you are there for me
Because you warm me
Because you make me stronger
Because you are loyal to me
Because you build me up
Because you are so stubborn sometimes
Because I am so longing for you
'Cause you make me laugh
Because you piss me off sometimes
Because you are my first thought in the morning
Because you can kiss so well
Because I can share my worries with you
Because you are something very special
Because a day without you is a lost day
Because you opened the door to my heart
Because only you can dry my tears
'Cause I dream of you every night
Because you are the main character in my life
Because you are the one and only for me
Because every tear from you is precious

Honey !!
The stars in the sky, the faith in the night, in your eyes only the splendor appears that even a diamond cannot capture!
To put my love for you into words ... it is so difficult for me.
But if you read between my words you will find more.
My whole life is all about you, that's why I want to tell you:

I love you

God created the heavens and earth and gave them three lights:
a big one for the day,
a little one for the night
but he put the most beautiful light in your eyes !!

I want to tell the blue sky
I want to trust the dark night
I want to wear it as good news
On mountain heights, through heather and meadow.
The whole world should be a witness:
Yes you are mine
And mine forever!

You shall live in my heart
You should have what his dearest is
You should, surrounded by love and lust,
Feel totally that you are happy!
Lock me in your arms
Yes you are mine
And mine forever!

Solitude is like rain, it rises from the sea towards the sky and falls on me.
I'm alone in my bed and still have so much space ... my heart hurts .. I miss you so darling!
People you rarely see but still feel that they exist are the most important people on earth who will always stay in my heart
It's hard not to be around you, you should know I always want to be with you! Please don't forget me because I LOVE YOU! I think of you day and night. What should I do about this power? I would like to be with you now, because my HEART longs for you!
Imagine a sea - without water imagine a person - without happiness imagine a heart - without love and imagine me - without YOU!
I was taught that a day is 24 hours, an hour is 60 minutes, and a minute is 60 seconds. But I was never taught that a second without you is an eternity!
I tell you I love you because without you I can't be! I love you. I love you. I don't know how to write that. Is the grammar also not correct. I love you and that is important.
...I give you...

I give you everything I stand for
myself, my eyes with which I see.
I give you body, soul and heart
so you can take away all my pain
I give you my eyes so that you can see
what a wonderful person you are
So I put my heart at your feet.
Wrapped in a cloth, I give you my soul. Trapped in a glass, I hand you 3000 tears as a sign from me.
When you told me you loved me, I cried her for you. There are 1000 tears that show you how much I miss you, 1000 tears that hope that you never leave me alone, 1000 tears that come from the bottom of my heart. 3000 tears, I give them to you as a sign of myself, they reflect my infinite love for you!