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How to apply for an open spa treatment

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Frequently asked questions, explained step by step ...
What you need: Application for a cure with diagnoses and doctor's reports,
Cost: 10 euros additional payment per spa day
Time required: application 30 to 60 minutes, waiting times several weeks
You can apply for an open spa treatment (today: outpatient care benefit) as follows:
First of all, get a cure application from your health insurance company. Then speak to your family doctor, who will have to confirm the urgency of a cure.
The doctor must fill out and sign the application form. The diagnosis and the reasons for the contraception must be given.
Usually about three weeks of treatment is recommended. However, the health insurance company can deviate from this.
Submit this application to your health insurance company together. Apply for a cure at least two months before you want to start. Location and accommodation can be freely chosen.
If approved, the health fund is obliged to pay around 90% of the costs. Your co-payment is usually 10 euros per day if you are not free of co-payments.
You can object to a rejection; this will be followed by an assessment.
You can apply for a new cure every three years, earlier if medically necessary.