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A document management system is - as the name suggests - primarily responsible for managing different documents. That means a DM system is for the organization and the - ideally simple - Handling of the relevant documents responsible. But what this means in concrete terms is not necessarily clear to everyone from the start. We are therefore introducing you to the most important functions of a document management system at this point.

Worldwide access is not a problem

Worldwide access is possible with a DM system

It is no longer uncommon to work from home or on the go. In theory, you could also lie on a Caribbean beach while connected to your company with your laptop. If a company's documents and files were only stored locally, the required documents could not be accessed.

DMS offer several solutions for this problem. Of course, you definitely need an internet connection. It doesn't matter whether you use it on your laptop or on your PC at home. You can access the DM system via a browser. So you don't need to have any software installed.

You almost get an office feeling when you use a DMS that includes the WebDAV function. With its help you can - as in your company - Log into your company's data management system using Windows Explorer or its counterparts from Apple or Linux.

Quick access to information

Working on a PC leads to the creation of electronic documents. Today it is impossible to imagine any company without the computer. And the number of computer-free private households in Germany is negligible. D.he amount of documents that need to be managed is immense, especially in companies. Letters or other texts are written, tables are created, e-mails are received and sent, images are saved, presentations are prepared and drawings are scanned.

Usually these files are used in companies stored on a server or in a cloud. Most of the time, one tries to work out a storage system so that files that have been saved can be found again later, but reality has shown that one is very often busy looking for a file. According to a survey, employees spend around 13 percent of their working hours looking for documents on their computers.

A document management system ensures that this time can be used more sensibly. The documents are given an index for this. They can then be searched using a full-text search function. S.ie can your search with it in different ways. For example, you can only search Excel files or all emails. Using so-called metadata, which can be given to the individual files, it is also possible to search for data, customer numbers or names. This significantly reduces the search time.

Everything in one place, like in a file folder

The digital answer to the file folder

Many entrepreneurs and employees who have worked in the professional world for many years complain that everything was easier in the past. Digitization should make our lives easier, but in many cases it is not. Whereas in the past, for example, you simply all documents collected in a file folder, are these nowdistributed in different storage locations.

E-mails are on the server, invoices are saved in the corresponding program. The correspondence is hidden in various folders and is partly digital, partly in writing in a classic folder. With a DM system, you can find all information in one and the same place.

Automate a company's processes

Automation makes sense if it results in the Employees are relieved be the operation thereby Save time and money can or if this causes the Business processes generally run faster can. For example, most companies still process invoices on paper. This is mostly done manually, which means an increased expenditure of time.

One would like to handle the processing of invoices fully automatically, it could look like this: The DMS records the invoice received. This is done either by scanning them in beforehand - still manually - or, if they have been received by e-mail, by entering them into the DM system. The document management system now checks the invoice and compares it with a previously entered order or assignment. If everything is right lays the DMS automatically sends the invoice audit-proof and initiates the payment. Any existing discount period is automatically taken into account.

Collaboration - a better working collaboration

Communication works via a DMS

The word collaboration, which originally came from the English-speaking world, has now also made it into the German dictionary. In information technology, the term collaboration refers to the collaboration of teams on projects. So that this cooperation works smoothly, There should be two factors: the information and the communication.

Many DMS have integrated a solution for this in their software. S.The exchange of information and communication take place in the same place: within the document management system.

Most DMS have a convenient one for this purpose Notification service through which you can find out about all changes or newly added documents with almost no time delay. On the other hand, the systems often contain one Note function with which you can exchange ideas directly with other participants. For example, you can leave comments on a document or write or reply to messages.

In some document management systems it is possible to send a link to external participantsso that they, too, can receive important information for them without having immediate access to the entire content of the DMS.

Comply with guidelines and laws with a DM system

To keep your important documents as a company to archive digitally properly and, above all, in compliance with the law, are basically two things. On the one hand, the scanning of paper-based documents, which are then destroyed (replacement scanning) and, on the other hand, the receipt of digital documents.

The documents that are then saved in your system must verifiably originals be. For this, on the one hand documentation of the procedure necessary, with which the documents got into your system, or how the process of archiving is organized with you. On the other hand, most DMS are equipped with options to enable you to prove the originality of your documents. For this purpose, the DMS provider has an independent third party check in advance whether his offered system a legally compliant archiving allowed or not.


A document management system can do a lot more than you might initially think. Everyday work is greatly simplified in many different places. This saves time and, ultimately, money, which in turn can be put to good use elsewhere. For this, however, the DM system should optimally tailored and tailored to the company be.

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