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Table - Kilos to Pounds

Kilogram (kg)Pound (lb)
1 kg2.20 lb
10 kg22.00 lb
25 kg55.00 lb
50 kg110.00 lb
100 kg220.00 lb

Table - pounds to kilos

Pound (lb)Kilogram (kg)
1 lb0.45 kg
5 lb2.25 kg
25 lb11.25 kg
50 lb22.50 kg
1,000 lb450.00 kg

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American and British pounds

Kilograms are converted into American or British pounds (lb) using the following factor: 1 kg is converted to 2.2 lbs. Conversely, this means that 1 lb rounded is 0.45 kg (exactly: 453.592 grams).

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