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Legal assistant: tasks and job description

When asked "What does a legal assistant do after their training?" You will often get the answer that she is a special secretary for one or more lawyers. That may be true, but it only includes one of the numerous interesting fields of activity that a legal clerk has to master in everyday life. It's about more than the keystrokes per minute or a friendly telephone voice. So what exactly does a legal clerk do and what are the general conditions for training this popular job, for example?

Where does a legal clerk work?

To clarify which one Duties of legal assistant we first have to define the broad field in which you after your three-year training can act. Above all, this includes

  • Law firms
  • Bar Associations
  • Collection agencies
  • Dunning departments
  • Accounting firms
  • Banks
  • Department store chains
  • Insurance

And that's just some of the numerous areas of employmentwho have paralegal to choose from. So it is extremely difficult to summarize the job description “legal assistant” as a lawyer’s secretary. Instead, wait countless exciting fields of activity and work opportunities on you, which for the sake of simplicity we would like to summarize in the "classic" activities in a law firm.

Working in a law firm

Anyone who opts for the Work in a law firm decides, and thus for the "classic" activity of a legal assistant, will find himself in an interesting profession in Mix of office work and social skills find again. Your main tasks are then mainly in

  • the support as well as the Legwork for one or more lawyers in your law firm. You are primarily responsible for all administrative activities and legal services in the office.
  • the Care of clients as well as constant and friendly customer contact. Real social skills are required here, because you sometimes find out top secret details of legal cases and need a lot of sensitivity in dealing with clients. A little organizational talent can do no harm here.
  • the organization and the creation of files where you can again demonstrate your organizational skills.
  • the Drafting, correcting or preparing briefswhy you should have good spelling and language skills.
  • the coordination of customer and court appointments.
  • the Bookkeeping for the law firm.
  • the Calendar management, Calculating deadlines and setting fees.

All in all, they are paralegals real all-rounders in a law firm and can look forward to an exciting everyday life with different areas of responsibility. At best you bring Language, numeracy and social skills With.

Instead, opt for work or training in one Debt collection agency, at a insurance, in the Industry or the like, that's how you are most of the time less as an all-rounder, but much more specialized in one field of activity Of your choice. The job description “legal clerk” is therefore known and popular as a particularly varied and exciting one.

How is everyday work in a law firm?

In order to get back to the "classic" work in a law firm, the Everyday work and the tasks for legal clerks as an example:

  • You start your work at 8 a.m. in the office and first see whether important emails or phone calls received.
  • You open the Post the courts and clients, sort the files and prepare them for the lawyer to advise a client.
  • Here document the conversation as well as the associated files and then discuss further steps with your supervisor.
  • Building on the legal basis that you have acquired in your training and your many years of activity, you will now design and edit corresponding action, objection or complaint before the deadline expires.
  • Now is the time for one one hour lunch break with your colleagues in the restaurant around the corner.
  • Subsequently coordinate the next appointment with the courts, inform the client and do important Administrative procedures.
  • Finally, you go the Applications from the new interns or look for people for training and finally call it a day at 5 p.m.
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Legal assistant: tasks and job description
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