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Echowell electric dartboard darts

An electronic dartboard in professional quality for up to twelve players offers Echowell with its device. The size of the dartboard of 35 cm diameter corresponds to the tournament standard.

The current score is shown on four LED displays.

The high-quality workmanship as well as 26 built-in games with 166 game variants guarantee long gaming fun.

Echowell’s electronic dartboard * for twelve players shows with its good workmanship, well thought-out operation and extensive scope of delivery that professional quality does not necessarily have to be expensive.

With a diameter of 35 cm, the electronic dartboard corresponds to the current tournament standard. The scores of one to twelve players are shown on four LED displays.

With 26 different games and a total of 166 game variants, the electronic dartboard promises a lot of variety when playing darts.

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The slim No products found. as well as the possibility of switching off the fifteen different audio effects, enables a large selection of installation locations for this electronic dartboard.

The scope of delivery includes the appropriate power adapter as well as twelve darts with soft tips and numerous replacement tips.


No products found. with a 35 cm disc is a stable device for long-lasting fun. For beginners, the scope of delivery is complete with the soft darts and generously dimensioned 26 different games.

Ambitious advanced players and professionals will use their own darts, this is easily possible with this disc. The scores of up to twelve players are clearly shown on the four LED displays, the operation of the electric dartboard is logical and easy to understand.

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  • For professionals
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- Professional device for electric darts
- Four LED displays for score display
- Suitable for 1 - 12 players
- Complete scope of delivery with 12 soft darts and soft tips
- Logical operation and attractive design

- The plastic shafts of the arrows supplied are not durable for a long time
- No volume control, but the sound can be turned off completely
- The wall mounting is done with only two screws

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