How big is 36aa bra size

The largest bra size list

1. The largest bra size in Germany

In Germany you can buy 18 cup sizes in 15 underbust sizes. However, you will only find a fraction of these sizes in stores. A few of the particularly small or particularly large bra sizes are also sold in specialty stores. However, you can only have the complete options made by a specialist company. The largest recorded bra size is 145R.

2. In Japan bra sizes are reversed

In Japan, bra sizes are determined similarly to those in other European latitudes. Here, however, the cup size is mentioned first. Only then does the measure of the underbust follow. In Japan, for example, the largest cup size is E and the largest underbust is 95. This brassiere is called E95.

3. The American bra size has many letters

In America, by the way, the oldest sizing system for bras, you will find a lot of letters. However, not like with us up to K. There the list goes up to U. This does not end the variety. In addition to the individual letters, multiple answers are also possible. So there is not only D, but also DD, DDD and DDDD. Because the US is measured in inches, the largest bra size here is 20U.

4. The biggest bra in England

In the UK, brassiere measurements are similar to the US. Here, however, the letters are not tripled or even quadrupled. There are many bra sizes that are also available in double letters. D, F, G, H, J, K, L and M can also be purchased as double letters. Here the biggest bra size is 20N.

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