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"Tatort: ​​Power of the Family": Who plays the niece of the arms dealer?

What does she say about her role?

Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz, 40) and Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring, 53) investigate a Russian arms dealer clan in “Tatort: ​​Macht der Familie” (8:15 pm on the first) on April 18. One family member, the niece of the arms dealer Victor Timofejew (Vladimir Tarasjanz), distanced himself from the family years ago and also works for the LKA. Marija Timofejew is played by Tatiana Nekrasov. The German actress was born in Berlin in 1983. Most recently she was seen in the composer's biopic “Louis van Beethoven” (2020) as his mother Magdalena.

Tatiana Nekrasov on Marija

"Blood is thicker than water," Tatiana Nekrasov told the broadcaster about her role in "Tatort". Both are vital. With water one associates health and clarity, with blood something enormous and pain. “The saying goes for the fact that one cannot deny one's origin. It is probably the same with Marija Timofejew. She seeks healing, the opposite of corruption and machinations, ”explains Nekrasov.

But when Marija loses a loved family member, she gets emotionally troubled. “That's why she wants to take matters into her own hands, because nobody understands the mentality and the composition of the family's fate like she does,” says Nekrasov. But her dual function as a family member and LKA woman is risky: "She always balances on the traitor's rope, no matter who she works for, she remains a loner."

“New faces like Tatiana Nekrasov”

In “Tatort: ​​Power of the Family” you can see many charismatic actors who are not yet known to everyone. How the Russian-Ukrainian family was cast is explained by director and screenwriter Niki Stein (60, “Louis van Beethoven”): “At NDR, there was a great willingness to not only cast the stars, but also to add new faces like Tatiana Nekrasov or Jakub Gierszal, who is very popular in Poland. I was very happy about that. " Jakub Gierszal (33, “Finsterworld”) plays Marija's brother Nicolai Timofejew.

Tatiana Nekrasov was seen in an earlier falcon “Tatort”, in “Dark Time” (2017) she played a small role as secretary Katrin, but filmmaker Niki Stein still remembered her. “I discovered Tatiana in 2017 when she played a mini role in my‘ Tatort: ​​Dark Time ’with Franziska and Wotan. She seemed to me the ideal image of the LKA investigator Marija, not only because Tatiana is half-Russian. It exudes a special aura and has the touch of globality, ”he enthuses.

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