What do ups in textiles stand for

Laundry sign meaning

Textiles always have a sewn-in label with 5 symbols Notes on care as well as bed linen, bedding, mattress covers and mattress accessories. The 5 pictograms, also called textile care symbols, represent the items washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional cleaning. The representations are not always self-explanatory and some people ask themselves what the different laundry symbols mean. The Textile Labeling Act regulates how the fibers from which the product is made must be labeled to the consumer, but the care instructions are not regulated. The uniform presentation is thanks to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In the following, the most important care symbols are explained in detail so that you no longer feel in the dark while washing your clothes and there are no accidents with your favorite item of clothing.

What do the laundry signs mean?

The instructions for care are with the corresponding symbols always in the following order pictured:

  • To wash
  • bleaching
  • Dry
  • Iron
  • Professional cleaning

At first glance, some of the illustrations seem self-explanatory, for example an iron is used to indicate how to iron. But sometimes the symbol contains a dot or two. What if there is a line under a laundry sign? It's not that easy after all. Each individual laundry symbol and the most important variations of it are explained step by step. Finally, the care symbols provide information about the maximum permissible type of treatmentso as not to damage the material and enjoy it for a long time. If a fabric is washed too hot, for example, it can shrink or lose its color. Therefore it is important to clarify the question: What do the different laundry symbols mean?

What laundry symbols are there?

As already mentioned, are on the label five laundry signs for spinning / washing, ironing, bleaching, drying and professional cleaning. Every textile care symbol is there in different variations which specify the process. If the sign is crossed out, it completely excludes the type of treatment. One point stands for low, two points for normal and three points for high temperatures. If the laundry symbol is underlined, gentle treatment is recommended, and if there are two lines under the symbol, particularly gentle treatment is recommended.

Laundry sign washing machine

The care symbol for washing does not represent a washing machine, but a tub. A tub is a Vessel with two handleswhich is usually wider than it is high. There used to be special washtubs that were used both for washing clothes and for bathing. The maximum temperature at which the textile can be washed is shown in the tub symbol. The four most common temperature indications are:

  • 30 ° for delicates, e.g. silk bed linen
  • 40 ° for colored laundry, e.g. bed linen with elaborate printing
  • 60 ° for colored laundry, e.g. colored bed linen
  • 90 ° for hot laundry, e.g. white, heat-resistant bed linen

A Line under the laundry sign is a hint to choose the gentle cycle with medium speed and gentle spin. If there are two lines, the wool wash cycle with minimum speed is recommended. For example, laundry symbols for wool are often found with two underscores.

Is a hand in the tub shown, this means that this textile must not be washed in the washing machine and must be washed by hand. Particularly sensitive textiles should only be hand washed. The water should not be too hot. The best way to feel the washing temperature is with your own hand. If you can dip your hands in without any problems, it won't damage the textiles either. If the Wash tub crossed out it is best to bring the material to the cleaning department.

Bleach laundry signs

The Triangle on the care label stands for bleaching. If just an empty triangle is shown, you can use any detergent with confidence. If the triangle is crossed out, you can only use mild detergents without optical brighteners, so that the fabric is protected. If two oblique lines are shown in the triangle, then bleaching can be carried out with oxygen. The letters CL stand for chlorine, but can hardly be seen today.

Laundry sign dryer

A Circle in square represents the drum dryer and provides information on how, for example, bed linen may be dried. If the laundry symbol is crossed out, the fabric must not be put in the dryer and must air dry. Most duvet covers have a single point tumble dryer, which means that they can be dried at a low temperature. If the symbol contains two dots, drying can be carried out as normal.

Iron laundry signs

The points in Iron give information about the exact temperature:

  • One point stands for a maximum of 110 ° C,
  • two points for 150 ° C and
  • three points for 200 ° C.

Also with the iron counts, the symbol is crossed out, it is not allowed to iron.

Laundry mark P

The final fabric care symbol is one of the most puzzling. For example, what is the laundry symbol? F. or P. mean? These care symbols stand for professional cleaning and the letters in the circle stand for solvents that can be used. The P is the abbreviation for perchlorethylene and F allows the use of hydrocarbon solvents. This symbol is also available with one or two lines underneath, which indicate gentle or very gentle cleaning. If the circle is crossed out, it must not be dry-cleaned.

Frequently asked questions about the laundry symbols:

Is there a laundry sign not to spin?

The lines under the tub indicate whether you can spin the laundry or not. With an underscore it stands Laundry sign for spin possible, with two lines you should better refrain from doing so.

What to do if the laundry marks are faded?

Textile care symbols should actually be easy to read over the entire service life of the textiles. However, incorrect care can result in the Symbols fade. In such a case, it is best to contact the nearest cleaning company.

What is a laundry crayon?

If you want to mark your own laundry, you can use a laundry marker. The writing is thermally fixed and is washable. Who, for example, his dress before a hospital visit label can use a laundry crayon.

Hopefully the text could help you with the question: What are the laundry symbols. If you have any questions about textile care symbols, please contact our specialist advisors. We would be happy to give you tips on how to properly care for bedding, bedclothes or mattress accessories or to help you unravel laundry symbols.