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Chiptuning Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 DI-D 150 hp

Chiptuning Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 DI-D 150 hp. 14 settings, an ultra-bright display and specific software!

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Chiptuning DrakeBox Monza was developed to increase the best dynamic qualities of the car. This is possible through intelligent management of the injection parameters, which enables more effective and efficient combustion. Infinite and immediate benefits. 40% more power and torque for the engine and 20% less consumption in everyday traffic. Clearly higher performance than with a standard setting.

Your car is completely transformed by the DrakeBox Monza chip tuning. The engine is more powerful even at low engine speeds with a constant and powerful thrust up to the speed limit. The increase in power and torque, which is distributed over the entire area of ​​use of the motor, ensures a more even power output, free of dropouts and holes. All of this with a significant improvement in acceleration from a standing start, traction when overtaking and maximum speed on the straights.


The solutions for all your problems in 10 cm

40% more power for a smoking acceleration at the start and a higher top speed on the straight. Plus 40% torque with higher torque and more elasticity for easier and faster overtaking maneuvers than ever before. More efficiency with a 20% lower consumption let you travel calmly and relaxed. DrakeBox Monza has everything you need.

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Chiptuning Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 DI-D 150 hp

FirstDrakeBox Monza
power150 ps212 ps

DrakeBox Monza has 14 different settings. Each of these curves determines the effect of the chip tuning on the throttle valves when accelerating. This allows you to fully customize the engine's torque curve and get the most of your driving experience. You can use any setting in your car, and any configuration you choose will work on the new one ultra-bright display displayed.

DrakeBox Monza also has a very useful one Regulatorthat allows you to modulate the power and torque levels. Thanks to this device, you have full control over the incredible potential of chip tuning. The data processing is done completely digitally by a very powerful processor of the last generation. The internal software, which was specially developed for your vehicle, ensures perfect synergy between engine and chip tuning.


Cutting-edge technology in your engine

14 powerful settings and a new, ultra-bright display. Digital technology and a very fast last generation processor. DrakeBox Monza has everything that made DrakeBox2 exceptional and much more. Including up-to-date specific software for your car. Everything in an exclusive carbon design.

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The Chiptuning DrakeBox Monza was developed to the complete security Your vehicle. Safe engine is the innovative system that guarantees the maximum protection of your engine under all conditions of use of the chip tuning. The engine is completely safe and retains its original original durability and reliability. DrakeBox Monza works in synergy with all of the car's systems, including the automatic transmission and particulate filter (RPF) (where present).

Installation is easy thanks to the original Plug & Play Connectors and the test LEDs avoid any installation error. The dealer's guarantee is retained and the device is completely invisible for the workshop's diagnostics. In addition, the chip tuning can be removed again at any time without a trace. Careful controls and certification Made in Italy make the DrakeBox Monza a particularly high-quality product.


Maximum protection first

Active engine protection system for maximum driving safety. Full compatibility with all electrical and mechanical systems in your car. Plug & Play connectors for quick and easy installation. Constant and thorough controls of the product to ensure high quality standards DrakeBox Monza has all the security you need.

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The kit includes

  • Chiptuning Drakebox Monza
  • Original wiring for your car
  • Fastening ties
  • Specific instruction manual
  • 2 year guarantee

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