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Where can I still get tested for Corona - and how quickly will I get my result?

November 6th, 2020 - 8:15 pm

Change of test strategy

Corona tests were carried out more than 1.4 million times in Germany in the last week alone. So far also in people with mild or no symptoms - but that is the end of it: "In order to test all people with cold symptoms, we would have to carry out more than three million tests a week. That is neither possible nor necessary," said Prof. Dr. Lars Schaade from the Robert Koch Institute in a press conference. Where can I get a test now - and how quickly do I get the result? Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn, Director Hygiene Center Bioscientia, answers our questions.

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From now on there will be less testing

Never in history have so many tests been used for a disease as for Covid-19. This has consequences: test laboratories are overloaded, materials are becoming scarce and results are delayed. So now there will be less testing - instead, quarantine is the order of the day: "Stay at home for five days," recommends RKI Vice President Schaade. So for five days to live with the fear of having the dangerous virus - understandably many people worry. Everyone wants certainty.

Medical practices and test centers are still responsible

"I can either get tested in a doctor's office if there is an indication for a test," says Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn. "Then there are also corona outpatient clinics that are associated with the doctor's offices, and then there are several test centers in almost all districts and cities, from the Red Cross, from the Bundeswehr, where citizens can be tested." Anyone can quickly find out where the nearest test center is in the daily newspapers and on the Internet. Anyone who thinks they need to be tested should go to these centers, says the hygienist.

Criteria must now be met for the corona test

However, according to the new test strategy, there must now be a medical indication, that is: the doctor or health department must order the test. "The family doctor usually assumes a clinical indication, i.e. symptoms such as coughing and so on, the health department has a further spectrum here, for example if the Corona warning app has hit or if they are returning from a risk area or else Contact with an infected person, "says Zinn," then the health department can order that. "

Do city dwellers come to Zug faster than rural dwellers in corona tests?

Are the test options in the city and in the country the same or is there an unequal distribution? "There are also test centers in the districts that are less densely populated, you just have to drive a little further if necessary," says the hygienist. "And actually every general practitioner can take the PCR smear."

How long do you currently have to wait for a corona test result?

There is no difference between town and country, says Dr. Tin. "On the one hand it depends on which laboratory your test is sent to, smaller laboratories are overloaded more quickly," he explains to us, "and on the other hand it depends on the laboratory's strategy." At Bioscientia, for example, hospital and doctor's office patients have always been preferred, and older patients are now preferred - risk groups and people who need the result quickly should be helped with it. How many days do you have your test? "Depending on the laboratory, the waiting time is still between 12 hours and 5 days," said Zinn.

What does the corona test cost - and is it still paid for by the cash register?

If you want to get another test based on loose suspicion and without an order from a doctor or health department, you have to pay for it out of your own pocket. "Depending on the situation, that costs around 100 to 120 euros for self-payers, it could even be 180," says the hygienist. "The hospitals are paid 59 euros for a test by the federal government." All indicated tests ordered by the family doctor or the hospitals, as well as the tests ordered by the health department, are free of charge for citizens. "

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