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What is a host? Easily explained

Find out exactly what a host is in this tip. You will also find assignments and explanations for the terms online host, virtual host and dedicated host in this article. First of all: Host comes from English and translates as host or organizer.

Host: part of a computer network

The term host refers to a service computer that is part of a computer network.

  • This service computer has an operating system and serves clients and servers.
  • A host provides services for other systems and usually runs permanently.
  • The term "online host" is also often found on the Internet. This is a provider of mostly chargeable specialist databases and specialist information on the Internet.
  • This type of host also consists of a data center or a network of computers.

Virtual Host and Dedicated Host - what is it?

A distinction is often made between the technical terms virtual host and dedicated host:

  • Virtual hosts are mainly used when several different services are offered on a single machine, each of which requires its own operating system.
  • In contrast, a dedicated host is only responsible for one task (called: dedicated service) or only assigned to one customer (called: dedicated customer).
  • Examples of a dedicated host can often be found in the web hosting industry. The Internet service provider rents a computer including the associated costs (e.g. energy supply) or a virtual machine.

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