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ア グ モ ン - Agumon



Agumon are small, orange-colored reptile digimon of the serum type on the rookie level. They are characterized by their big noses, they are very curious and loyal, but sometimes also a bit naive. They are fair in battle and never give up.

Agu either comes from the Japanese word agurabanawhat translates broad, flat nose means or from the Japanese word aguaguwhat that Noise when biting describes.

Digimon Adventure Edit source]

A Agumon is the Digimon partner of Tai Yagami in Digimon Adventure.

Koromon discovers his partner, Tai, after waking up unconscious in the digital world. After introducing himself, Koromon stays at Tai's side, although he is still irritated by the Digimon. The two soon meet Izzy with Motimon, but they meet a Kuwagamon, who attacks the group. They hide in a tree and after a while they find the rest of the digi knights who were all with them in summer camp: Sora and Yokomon, Matt and Tsunomon, Mimi and Tanemon, Joe and Bukamon, and T.K. and Tokomon. Unfortunately, Kuwagamon attacks the group again, but Koromon, along with the other Digimon, succeeds in digging up to the rookie level, and so he eventually becomes Agumon. Despite the Digitation, the Digimon do not manage to defeat Kuwagamon, instead you see them falling from a cliff into the depths.

Complete storyline, from Adventure 01 up to and including Tri: Agumon (Adventure)

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Adventure 01 & Adventure 02
Digimon Data Squad

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Digitized to Agumon
Digitized from Agumon

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DNA Digitation / Fusion
Warp Digitation

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H-Spirit Digitation
Death Digitation

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