Gunderson's unshelled nuts in the wholesale trade

New opportunities for organic walnuts

For a long time, the walnut was a widespread product, but hardly noticed on the market. That is changing now: Your sales have increased by 300 percent in recent years. A former top manager and a miller from the Mühlviertel want to take advantage of this nut's chances.

The two people from Mühlviertel wanted to develop completely new ideas for what is actually a traditional product. Klaus Schmied was the head of a large Austrian eyewear company. A few years ago he retired and bought an old farm on the southern slopes of the Mühlviertel on the outskirts of Linz. Large areas of blueberry and raspberry bushes grow around the farm as well as an absolute specialty: a forest of 400 walnut trees.


The "Beerenberg" towards the Danube

Together with the organic miller Norbert Nestelberger from Perg, Schmied wants to bring the walnuts from the Mühlviertel organic region back onto the market. “The consumer wants to buy Austrian nuts. We hardly have any of these so far. We want to cover part of it now, ”says Norbert Nestelberger. A nut oil would also be an option.

Nut sales increased by 300 percent

Walnuts are considered to be particularly healthy. Their sales have increased by 300 percent in recent years, and there is great demand for domestic goods. Factors that make the two nut pioneers confident that the Mühlviertel organic nuts will be successful. “Our advantage is that we can charge more for Austrian nuts than for foreign ones,” says Nestelberger. A kilo in wholesale costs 15 to 16 euros: "That makes sense"


Nut pioneer Klaus Schmied

Especially because the "Beerenberg", as the whole area around the farm is called, attaches great importance to sustainability. Organic is the focus of everything we do. “For me it is crucial that we have a biological balance here. This not only includes the nut, it starts with the birds and insects and goes all the way to the fruit, "says Schmied. My goal is to bring this overall system to a new standard"


The demand for healthy nuts is growing

The first nut products from the Mühlviertel bioregion should be on the market from next autumn. In time for the Christmas baking.