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Inexpensive train ticket: the saver price from 21.50 euros

The tariff equality describes a procedure in which the prices of tickets to and from certain cities are standardized. This means that several train stations in a city can be reached for the same fare.

In Germany, this procedure is used in many cities (including Aachen, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Ulm). For example, in Berlin there is only one so-called tariff point called "BERLIN" for all train stations on and within the Berlin Ringbahn. The fare for the destinations Berlin Zoologischer Garten or Berlin Alexanderplatz can therefore be identical, depending on the total travel distance of the connection. The same applies, for example, to trips from Munich Central Station to Frankfurt-Ostend or Frankfurt Central Station. Here, too, the prices of the tickets can be the same.
The stations of the same tariff, sorted according to the collective name (e.g. Frankfurt (Main)) can be viewed at the link below.

Of course, passengers who travel with the Sparpreis / Super Sparpreis (national and international) also benefit from the tariff equality, which is taken into account when entering the travel request.