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Profiler training in Germany - this is how you become a police case analyst

With the use of the English term "Profiler" in the media and especially in the daily police series on television, new career aspirations have also arisen. The profiler profession is wrongly portrayed as ubiquitous and achievable in the normal way. Even if you can complete a profiler training in Germany, you will only be able to work as a case analyst after many years.

"Profiler" is actually an English term that is often used in Germany. As you dig into the subject, you will find that the term "case analyst" is more appropriate. Because a profile is always created on the basis of a case analysis.

Profiler training in Germany only for a few specialists

The German police have been training police case analysts in a targeted manner since 1999. The media, in particular, overestimated the importance and frequency of use of profilers in the police force.

  • For this profiler training, specially suitable detectives and other research assistants are approached. You can train to become a case analyst if you work through a multi-level, practical course concept.
  • The police do not use external profilers, as there are trained specialists in every federal state and the cases to be processed are manageable.
  • You can also afford expensive training to become a profiler in the USA or another country if you do it with the aim of being able to work for the German police. If you want to work privately as a profiler, nothing stands in the way.

Police case analyst after years of training

  • In most cases, inquiries regarding vocational training are made by students of psychology to the central office of the BKA. These students have a growing desire to become a profiler.
  • In many things, real activity is far removed from idealized images and medially conveyed ideas. Female and male police case analysts work hand in hand.
  • In Germany, the federal states ultimately decide to what extent they train and deploy police case analysts.
  • Around 80 case analyzes are carried out in Germany every year. On the one hand, this shows you that the level of serious crime is not very high. On the other hand, it also shows you that the need is not too high. Your chances of starting your career are only good if you are among the best.
  • In addition to a few psychologists who were taken over into the service of the police, the majority of the police case analysts were trained in their previous function as detective officers.
  • Before starting the profiler training, you will complete your high school diploma and then an employment test with the police. This is followed by a three-year course at a university of applied sciences (including internships and exams).
  • This is followed by a practical phase that can take 20 years. You must then be eligible for the selection process for special OFA services (OFA - Operational Case Analysis).

This is followed by training as a police case analyst (duration 5 years). In general, you have no influence on the personnel decisions of the federal and state governments.

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