How to fill Ronson Varaflame lighter manual

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Lighter with cartridge to refill

How to properly refill a lighter is a question that we would like to answer with this little guide. If you don't have a disposable lighter and instead have a lighter with a refillable container, the question is how to refill it step-by-step.

A distinction must be made between filling a gasoline lighter and filling a gas lighter. Because these are two completely different lighters and accordingly have to be filled differently. We also reveal tips and tricks.

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Gasoline lighter

Time required: 5 minutes.

Here are the instructions for filling a petrol lighter

  1. Remove metal shell / ignition mechanism

    For safety reasons, a refillable petrol lighter has a cover that you can easily pull out. There is no other way to get to the fuel tank.

  2. Turn the petrol lighter over

    To fill it up, you have to turn it upside down. Now you will see a seal that you can easily slide away to get to the container.

  3. Refill gasoline fire owl

    Now you can take the lighter fluid and fill the container with it. The cotton wool inside must not be soaking wet.

  4. Check

    If you think that the cotton wool is soaked with gasoline. You close the seal again and check whether it leaks somewhere. As a precaution, wipe the cover with a dry cloth and see if it works.

Gas lighter

Time required: 5 minutes.

Here are the instructions for refilling a gas lighter

  1. Turn the gas lighter over

    To be able to fill it, turn the lighter with the refillable gas chamber upside down. Now you can see the gas opening, a small hole which can easily be overlooked.

  2. Have lighter gas ready

    Take a cartridge of lighter gas and gently insert it into the hole. Now both should be upside down, i.e. vertical. This is important so that the gas also gets into the container.

  3. Refill gas lighter

    In the meantime you push the gas bottle into the said opening until you hear an audible hiss. If it is a transparent gas lighter, you can see how the gas chamber fills. During the filling process, the gas cylinder and the gas lighter must always remain vertical.

  4. Pressure equalization and press repeatedly

    When the hissing can no longer be heard, release the pressure. But do not remove the gas container from the opening yet! Wait a few seconds. This will equalize the pressure in the chamber. Press the opening again until you hear the hiss. Repeat this step until the container is full.

Refilling the lighter does not work?

It can happen that there are difficulties when refilling, so that refilling simply does not work. With a gas lighter, the gas that you want to clean can escape or other things that unexpectedly lead to problems. Or maybe it's just broken and has a leak that you overlooked. Nevertheless, the filling can also be simplified and we will show you how.

Tips for filling a gas lighter

Before you want to refill a gas lighter you should make sure that it is really empty. Because if the tank still contains a little gas, overpressure can occur during filling. It means that it is difficult or impossible to get the lighter gas in. In the worst case, the gas container in the lighter can burst or small cracks appear, which would mean that the gas lighter can no longer be refilled.

But we have a tip: put the gas lighter in a cooling compartment for a few minutes. Gas is very difficult to use at sub-zero temperatures. This removes the pressure in the container and makes refilling much easier.

Electric lighter recharging

A normal USB cable is sufficient to charge a powered electric lighter. A micro USB charging cable is usually included in the scope of delivery. The arc lighter, for example, charges between 30 to 90 minutes until it is fully charged again. Lithium batteries are used. Lithium is a silvery white and soft light metal. This is the only way that the battery can get by with over 100 ignitions per charge cycle.

Which lighters can be refilled?

ManufacturerFilling with

Overview of the lighter manufacturers that can be refilled